Happy Earth Day!

Hi Friends!

In honor of Earth Day here are 10 interesting facts about our planet, the species that live on it and nature!

1. Earth isn’t round. Centrifugal (big word) force pushes outwards at Earth’s equator giving it a slight wasteline. it also weighs 6,588,000,000,000,000,000 tons.  You curvy girl!


2. Coral Reefs are the largest living structures on planet Earth.  They also contain the highest density of life, even more than rainforests!

3. 70% of the planet is covered in ocean but humans have only explored 5% of it. There is enough undissolved gold on the sea floor to put 9 pounds in every persons pocket on Earth!

music video animated GIF

4. Ya know how sometimes it just feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Give yourself a break! Technically, there are only 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. That’s how long it takes the planet to rotate on its axis.


5. The ‘Turritopsis Dohrnii’ is a type of jellyfish that is essentially immortal. It can transform itself from an adult back into a baby through a process known as ‘transdifferentiation’, in which one type of cell transforms into another. Fountain of youth anyone??


6. Lightning strikes the Earth 6,000 times every minute.

7. For every human there are 200 million insects.';alm'sldkvn'sknv

8. Reptiles have been roaming the planet for about 340 million years.


9. The largest individual flower on Earth is from a plant called Rafflesia arnoldii. It’s flowers reach up to 3 feet in diameter and weigh around 22 pounds!

10. There are approximately 8.7 million (give or take 1.3 million) species on Earth today.

Let’s keep it that way! We try and do our part by donating 50% of all proceeds from every >>Wildlife Necklace<< purchase to the Wildlife Conservation Network!

Well guys, there ya have it.  Take these facts and do with them as you please.  Hopefully they help with  your next Trivia Crack game or upcoming date.  You can sound like a total genius, in the event the weight of Earth or the amount of gold at the bottom of the ocean happens to come up in conversation.  In any case, Earth Day is about broadening and educating how important the environment is worldwide.  Get with the times because like, it’s like cool to be a tree hugger these days.

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren

Gisele Bundchen Kills It At Life

Hi Friends!

This week Gisele walked her last runway. She’s 34 and she’s retiring from the model biz to focus on other projects she has going on. Okay, so now that you have the facts, I’m gonna talk about how much I love this woman. I think it might be weird, to like, love a super model. Shouldn’t I be eye rolling and seething with jealousy? Maybe if this post was about like, Adrianna Lima I would feel differently. But it’s not.

 I’ll admit, a lot of the love has to do with Tom Brady. A lot of it has to do with her living in Boston, giving it a much needed super model aspect. They don’t NEED to live here year round. But they pretty much do. They built an insanely expensive mansion in the outskirts of Boston. Would you if you could? Or would you opt for LA or someplace warmer. It just sorta feels like — they’re sticking it out with the rest of us. Just in a much nicer house with lots of maids. It’s also important to note that even with Tom’s high paying salary, Gisele is the bread winner. That’s cool. That’s like girl-power-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar status.

Anyways. The following is a list (in no particular order) of the times Gisele absolutely killed it in life. Enjoy!

  Let’s just start off with a bang. I heard an entertainment report the other day that credited Gisele to bringing the “real woman body” back to the runway. I guess i’m an alien?

Sorry Beyoncé but this defines flawless.

Oh so this is what you’re supposed to look like while you travel? Comfortable and effortlessly chic? I always forget about the chic part, sticking more with a effortlessly hobo look.

Just stop with this. Good god woman.  I can’t even let my dog off the leash in my own front yard. Gisele does it on an exotic beach, while pregnant in a string bikini and holding her son’s hand. I really need to get my life together.

This is my favorite. I know she got a lot of flack for the comment she made. I know a lot of people really tore her a new one for it. I don’t get why. I love it. Her husband just lost the Super Bowl literally 30 seconds before she was swarmed by jerk photogs. She was defending her man! And if you wanna get technical, she was right!

I mean, does this need a caption?

Just casually breast feeding with her glam squad. Best part is Kimmy Kardashian instagramming same pose a few months later. Sans breast out.

As her ever loving and supportive husband looked on, she walked the runway for the last time and every single model wore her face. If that’s not a way to go out I don’t know what is!

Man, she just really has it all together, doesn’t she? And honestly, I didn’t even eye roll or feel a sting of jealousy when I wrote that! I think I have a soft spot for women who age gracefully.  I’m not saying that 34 is old. At all.  Maybe I would have 10 years ago, but not when it’s just around the corner for me now.  But let’s face it, in Gisele’s world, like Hollywood world, it is.  She’s bowing out before she loses any integrity. Tapping out on a high note before doing anything crazy like falling off the stage during a performance or sticking her tongue down Drake’s throat at Coachella *cough*Madonna*cough* in order to stay relevant.  You go Gisele! 

 Girl, you betta keep workin’ it! 

 Xo Lauren

Boston Strong 


Today, I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the the terrible news of two bombings at the finish line. I can still feel all the emotions of that day and the days following. I will never forget being at a local bar, watching everything unfold live on TV. I will never forget the entire place erupting in a Boston chant after the capture. I will never forget those who lost their lives and the incredibly brave survivors, responders and bystanders who rushed to help. Today, like always, I am Boston Strong. 

Xo Lauren

Celeb Sightings at Coachella: Weekend 1

Hi Friends!

Well, weekend 1 of Coachella is in the books. In case you missed it – here’s a look at some of the noteworthy celebs spotted this weekend!

Kendall & Kylie Jenner 


Paris & Nicky Hilton


 Bella Thorne  

 Brooklyn Beckham–all grown up!

Aaron Paul & Lauren Paresakian 

 Sarah Hyland & Dominic Sherwood

Danity Kane….

Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder

Kate Bosworth

Amber Rose


Julianne Hough


Whatta weekend! Especially for someone like me who enjoys living vicariously through celebs! Only a few more days and then we get to do it all over again. Until next time!

Xo Lauren

So Hot Right Now: Pastel Hair

What’s the deal with everyone dying their hair green? And hot pink? And gray? In the past like, month there’s been a total surge. It’s not like it wasn’t always around. Let’s not forget Pink circa 2001 and Lil Kim circa…anytime.

I’m not complaining. I pretty much love it. Wish I had the confidence/balls/security in a suburban town to pull it off. I told my BFF who’s also a fab hair stylist that I wanted to switch it up once and do hot pink. She knows me too well though and we went with some subtle highlights instead. In any case, check out these new do’s!

Hillary Duff debuted her new green hair last week.


 Just last night, Julianne Hough Instagrammed Her new dye job.


These two from Danity Kane showed up with this new trend, apparently called “granny hair” to the iHeart Music Awards.


Nicole Richie went from purple to gray to green to HOT pink.


Kelly Osborne has been rockin’ this look for awhile.


Zosia Mamet, no longer a girl, went straight to granny.


January Jones opted to take baby steps with a soft highlight.


Aaaand Kylie Jenner just kinda goes all in.

Thoughts?? Will this trend last?? It is a trend after all. And who will be next? I’d love to see Hillary Clinton switch it up. Something to offset those boring pant suits.

ttyl! Xo Lauren

Coachella FOMO? Ten Movies That Might Make You Feel Better

Hi Friends!

Well, the music festival season is about to kick off. Coachella, Bonaroo, Lollapalooza all come to mind when I think of the festivals I would literally die to attend. It’s number one on my bucket list. Dress like Stevie Nicks, barefoot and perhaps under the influence of hallucinogens. All this, of course, before retiring to a nearby hotel. I don’t really do tents. Anyways, the point is I probably won’t ever do any of that. The closest I come to is Boston’s version of a festival, Boston Calling. I’m not complaining! It’s fun and all, but from what I can see on Instagram, it’s no Coachella.

So where else would I turn to escape the harsh reality of missing out on modern day Woodstock? Hollywood. Duh. I compiled a list of the best movies based around music. Not musicals, mostly because my list for that would be way too long. More so movies that, at its core, rely on music as its backbone. Some are actually Oscar winners and some are so bad but sooo good. Enjoy!

 That Thing You Do! 

 Not only a great movie with a great cast, but also a great song that will now be stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome :)

The Wedding Singer

Remember when Adam Sandler still made funny movies? It’s been awhile. Also, remember how sweet that song he sings to Drew at the end is? He’ll even let her hold the remote control. Awww.

Pirate Radio

Have you guys seen this movie? If not, you should totally RedBox it. It’s loosely based on true events and half the cast is also in Love, Actually. Plus Phillip Seymour Hoffman. ‘Nuff said.

8 Mile 

The story of how Marshall Mathers came to be Eminem. An inspirational movie, really, for all white kids with dreams of becoming a rapper. RIP Brittany Murphy.

 Walk The Line

A great movie based on the rise of Johnny Cash. To me, more about how June Carter Cash is a Saint for putting up with all of Johnny’s bullshit in the beginning.

 The RoseBette as a Janis Joplin type musician in the 60s. Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll baby. Not to mention the most amazing song Bette Midler has ever recorded. Fact.

Empire Records Remember record stores? I was introduced to this movie at far too young an age. Mostly because “Michael” from Grease 2 is in it. But later, when I could actually appreciate it, I decided I would one day own a record store. If only they still existed.

 Spice World

Colors of the world! (spice up your life!) I honestly have zero recollection of what this move was about. I remember a double decker bus, lots of running and maybe something to do with aliens? Who cares though.  It’s a part of pop culture history and I’m not ashamed to say I saw it in theaters.



I suppose Crossroads doesn’t like technically revolve around music, but it stars Britney Spears. It also has a fantastic Bye,Bye,Bye car ride sing-a-long and gave us I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman. Life changing.

 Almost FamousThe ultimate. I wanted to BE Kate Hudson. How incredibly chic did she make groupies, sorry, “band aids” and going braless look?

“I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.”  – Penny Lane <3

So, if you happen to be lucky enough to be attending any festivals this season, cool. Be sure to post lots of Instagram pics (with no filters) so the rest of us can feel like we’re there.  If you will not be attending, let’s all buy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and watch these movies together. And don’t be sad, there’s always next year!

Peace Out!

Xo Lauren