Like A Boss Lady.

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In case you forgot, yesterday was Women’s Equality Day! In my more experienced, adult years, I have realized just how important it is that women support women. That women inspire women. That women empower women. Sure, we all love a juicy girl on girl celeb feud (who doesn’t?!) but when we get down to it, us women need to stick together, especially in the workplace. Let’s face it, the term “It’s a man’s world” has been around for way too long. And although there’s nothing sexier than a man who takes charge, it’s time we start realizing who really run the world. Girls.

Here are some of my personal favorite lady bosses from television and film. I love these women. These women are totally boss.

Who: Leslie Knope

What: Ride or die for her community and slave to public service.

Who: Olivia Benson  

What: Now squad sergeant, she kicks perp ass then goes home to play patty cake with her newly adopted baby boy.

Who: Mindy Lahiri

What: Confidently insecure Ob/Gyn who perfectly balances what really matter in real life and what really matters in celebrity scandal life.

 Who: Miranda Priestly

What: All time boss lady actress plays role based on all time boss lady Anna Wintour.  It’s an all time boss lady match made in heaven.

Who: Liz Lemon

What: Head writer on TV show. Constantly surrounded by big egos, she may not always do it with grace, but she always survives, in the most lovable way.

Who: Christina Pagniacci

What: Inherits professional football team. Big scary men try to push her around, she pushes right back.

Who: Joan Halloway Harris

What: On paper she oversees anything admin. related.  In reality, Joan runs the office.

Who: Peggy Olson

What: Don’t be fooled, she’s tough and self-assured. She’s the epitome of started from the bottom now we here.

It’s really pretty fun being a women, most of the time. It’s so rediculous that in 2015 we are still fighting for a seat at the grown-up table. But it’s kinda fun this way too. This way we get to come in, get shit done, leave people speechless with our abilities, then go out and have the same men who doubt us by our drinks. Boom.

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Xo Lauren

Transformation Tuesday: Nicole Richie 

Hi Friends!

You know the drill. Transformation Tuesday….Nicole Richie….Go!

Circa thirteen years old
 Kim Kardashian. Brace face. Unruly hair. Over plucked eyebrows. Nice to know everyone goes through it.


Umm she looks totally adorable here. I wanna squeeze her little chubby cheeks.

2002   Not so adorable here. I don’t wanna squeeze her anything. Also, trucker hat.


Her rebellious stage. Clearly.

2005   Sick of being called fat and known as Paris Hilton’s side kick, Nicole cleans up her act and looks totally chic with DJ AM at an event.

2006  Aaaaand she took it too far.

Completely aware of her skeletal frame, Nicole puts on a few lbs and looks fresh and beautiful.

 She looks so cute here pregnant with her second child, I could just squeeze her tummy.

2010  Umm hello, gorgeous. She’s officially been retired from every Worst Dressed list and is sitting’ pretty on the Best list.

2012  Nicole receives a style award. Scroll back up to ’03. Who woulda thunk?

2014  I mean, she’s a trendsetter now. She uses fun hair color the right way now. No more ratty multi color extensions over here anymore! But seriously, she makes this look easy to pull off.

 2015 Even with bright pink hair she’s taken seriously. That’s not an easy task. Just ask Katy Perry’s green hair and cupcake boobs.

Ya gotta give it to the girl…she could have totally lived her whole life known as Lionel Richie’s daughter or Paris Hilton’s sidekick. Instead, she pulled herself out of the crazy rich kid phase and became an extremely successful entrepreneur, even earning the 2010 Entrepreneur Of The Year award! She seems to be happily married and has two really cute kids. She’s also effing hilarious. Also, it’s insane how jealous I am that she can pull off the pastel hair so well. Ya know, she makes it look high fashion rather than meth head on the street. Keep goin’ with ya bad, strong woman self, Nicole! (Feminist)

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

Venus Is In F**cking Retrograde

Hi Friends!

Ya know how there have been some major celeb breakups this summer? Not like Taylor Swift serial breakups, we’re talkin’ long term, in-it-for-the-long-haul breakups. Well, there could be a reason. Venus is in fucking retrograde.

Remember all the buzz about Mercury? Well, when Mercury is in retrograde it basically causes, like, chaos in every aspect of your daily life. When Venus, the planet of love and values, is in retrograde it totally wreaks havoc on relationships, love life and what you value.

>>This site explains it all. <<

In case you forgot, or have been living under a rock the past few months, here are some of the shocking (okay maybe not SHOCKING) breakups this Retrograde has seen and/or caused. In case you’ve been searching your soul for an explanation.

 Jen & Ben

  Married Since: 2005.

Unconfirmed Reason For Split: Slutty nanny. (How original Ben)

Gwen & Gavin
Married Since: 2002.

Unconfirmed Reason For Split: Gavin’s infidelity (with both men and women)

Miranda & Blake

  Married Since: 2011

Unconfirmed Reason For Split: Infidelity on both sides.

Megan & Brian
  Married Since: 2010

Unconfirmed Reason For Split: Timing. She’s still hot and he’s not.

Kourtney & Scott

 Together Since: 2006 (on and off, three kids)

Unconfirmed Reason For Split: Scott’s demons.

So like, what does this mean for couples like Jen & Justin who finally tied the knot while Venus is in retrograde? The website CLEARLY states not to do such a thing. I have a bad feeling.  The retrograde ends the first week of September, meaning we have about two weeks until our love lives, and celeb love lives go back to being totally normal again. Ha. Ya right. Until then, let’s just hope that all the “true love” couples like Kim and Kanye, Chrissy and John and Brad and Angie make it through this chaotic and troubling time.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

In Case You Missed It…

Hi Friends!

Even though I’m way closer to being a middle aged housewife than a teenager of any kind, this past weekend was the Teen Choice Awards and the only thing you missed was Britney Spears lookin’ bangin’. I promise.

Here’s one of Britney standing up.  

Here’s one of Britney sitting down. Brittany-Spears-Dress-Teen-Choice-Awards-Red-Carpet-2015

Here’s one of Britney posing.


Here’s one of Britney talking candidly.


Here’s one of Britney from far away


Here’s one of Britney up close.


As you can tell, Brit looked amazeballs from all angles. She may not be a girl anymore, but she’s defs a woman! Slay Brit slay!!!


xo Lauren

Transformation Tuesday: Miley Cyrus

Hi Friends!

Who better to spotlight on transformation Tuesday than this years MTV VMA host, Miley Cyrus? She, like so many starlets of our generation, began at Disney. I picture Disney studios like a child star puppy mill. Anyways, I’m sure it helped that her dad was mullet loving, honky tonker Billy Ray. Fortunately or unfortunately (whichever way you feel about Miley) she is our focus on today’s post. Enjoy!

Destiny Hope aka Miley circa 1995

There was a time that Miley was just like us. Eating with her American Girl Doll at the American Girl Cafe. Jk I never did that.

2006  This was my niece, Erika’s jam. Not gonna lie, she had to explain the concept to me. I didn’t understand at first that she transformed into superstar Hannah Montana with only a blonde wig and was completely unrecognizable as regular Miley. After that, I was hooked.


She’s performing the duckface. A sure sign of preteen behavior.

2009  She’s added a nose ring, black bra and white shirt, and sultry eyes. A rebel in the making folks!!

2010  She nabs Liam Hemsworth. She later lets him go. Is that a joke?


 So devestating when she chops her gorgeous, perfectly wild yet tamed long hair. Little did we know how far she will go.


 This far people. This far.


 And so begins that pesky tongue in everyone’s face.


 We get it Miley, you like really love the pot. This is your party, you can do what you want.

So here’s the deal. Miley does what she wants. I really believe she just dgaf. And to me, that’s kinda cool because, ya know, I’m like a feminist and think us chicks need to be who we wanna be! Also, has anyone else been trapped in the black hole of her psycodelic instagram? I have. Sometimes for hours. I come out of it all discombobulated and questioning life as I know it. It’s trippy, to say the least. I guess she must be doing something right. She also has many many more years of transformations ahead of her. How exciting for us!

Until next time!

Xo Lauren

Because Cats

Hi friends,

Irina here, taking over the blog once again to bring attention to the cute and cuddly day that is today… International Cat Day!!

Shout out to my adorable little snuggle  bug Link. I never really call him by his name though. Most of the time I refer to him as Doodle (don’t ask) or any variation I come up with… Snickerdoodle, doodlebug, dood, etc. It’s weird. I don’t know where these names come from, but they all feel so right. I’m sure you understand, fellow cat lady.

IMG_2764 IMG_2026

If you’re reading this right now, then you love all things feline and know your way around the kitty video and meme scene. You probably also know that studies have shown people who watch kitty vids during the work day are more productive and happier than their non-watching counterparts. Crazy, huh?! I’ll take it! I think it works the opposite way on weekends though cause I’m pretty sure I just lost a solid hour and a half of my morning searching for and watching cat videos and photos. Oops.

I’ll share a few with you. I mean, you’ve likely already seen them but whatever, these things never get old!

 Cat Proximity


Jedi Kittens


Just cause 

Man, if only there were a great pair of earrings and a super cute necklace that I could wear to show my kitty pride….

We have a Minx necklace and studs to match our best selling ring! Being a cat lady is so hot right now. So hot right now.

Xo Irina


New Trend Alert: Bubble Nails!

So like I literally just stumbled upon this new thing called “bubble nails”. I’m a super fan of the pointed, talon like fingernail and this new trend seems to be quite the opposite… What do you guys think?!

 Short nails… 

 ….Long nails 

 …..Even toenails. 

I agree Brit. This is super hideous. And just like fetch, let’s stop trying to make it happen!


Xo Lauren