Transformation Tuesday: Beyonce’s Hair

Hi Friends!

Another Tuesday, another transformation. This week I’m featuring the lovely Beyonce. More specifically, Beyonce’s hair. Girl loves to switch it up when it comes to her locks.


 1998 – Au Naturel

2001 – Teeny Tiny Cornrows

2002 – Big Hair Don’t Care

2003 – If I Can’t See Them, They Can’t See Me

2005 – Slicked Back Prom Up-Do

 2008 – Act Like I Woke Up Like This Hair  

2009 – Long Like Cousin It

2011 – Blondes Have More Fun

              2013  – Flaw Effing Less

2014 – Blue Ivy Played Hairdresser

2015 – Looks Like A Headache 

I’m jealous Bey has the means to constantly switch up her hair. On any given day, the thought to change my hair up comes up about 35 times. Don’t get me going on this new mermaid hair thing. But alas, I’m just a normal living in a Beyonce world. 

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Xo Lauren 

Men Wearing Jewelry — Only Okay Sometimes.

Hi Friends!

So typically we leave the jewelry wearing to the ladies. Besides a nice hearty watch and/or a classic single wedding band, most guys just can’t pull off any sort of bling. Emphasis on most because there are a select few (some alive, some deceased, some fictional) that can actually pull it off.

The following list is in no particular order of jewelry clad men, mostly because I was too lazy. Enjoy!

Johnny Depp

It’s mostly okay for Johnny because at this point he’s basically a pirate. I literally don’t know where Depp ends and Sparrow begins sometimes.

Lenny Kravitz The man is draped in pearls, a fur coat and two knit hats. He’s my Jewish Grandmother’s spirit animal.

Tony Soprano

It is literally never okay for a man to wear a gold pinky ring and gold chain bracelet. Except if you’re Tony Soprano.

Mr. T
I pity the fool that disagrees with this pic. How could I resist?

Robin Williams   I personally love to layer necklaces. I personally love chest hair on a man. I personally love the Star of David and I effing love The Birdcage.

Run DMC  Idk there’s just something about the good old gold rope chain. But only back when it was fresh and new. Not like now when Tyga sports one.


Take a moment to appreciate the twinkle of the diamond stud. I suppose out of all the options men have, the diamond stud is the safest route. But who cares. Let’s stare at JT circa 2001 together, shall we?

Jimi Hendrix 

Go big or go home. And by that I mean, if you’re gonna wear six gemstone necklaces at once, you might as well throw on a glitzy chain belt to match.

So what do you think? Do these guys get a free pass when it comes to bending the gender rules a little? I guess I’m glad my guy keeps it simple with just a watch. I get it though, jewelry is just too pretty and fun sometimes not to wear.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

12 Books For 12 Feelings

Hi Friends!

This might come as a surprise to you but, I love to read. Like, if this was 2001 and I was filling out my AIM profile my hobbies section would say: Kim Kardashian, blogging, Instagram and reading. Funny enough, my love for reading only began the second I graduated from school, when it was on my terms. Summer reading was literally the death of me. Give me two months to finish a required book and I would read the cliff notes the night before the first day. These days, I spend my Friday nights at Barnes & Noble. I have a bookcase stuffed with books. Why not use a Kindle, you ask? Because one day, when I’m rich and famous, I will have a secret library like in Beauty And The Beast and need to fill the shelves. Duh.

With Winter approaching and the need for indoor activities other than eating and KUWTK marathons, I’ve put together a list of some must reads, depending on what your feeling or vibing. Enjoy!

If You’re Feeling Voyeuristic 

If You’re Feeling Criminal

If You’re Feeling Adventurous  

If You’re Feeling Lucky

If You’re Feeling Betchy 

If You’re Feeling Dysfunctional

If You’re Feeling Zombies 

If You’re Feeling Investigative

If You’re Feeling Feminist

If You’re Feeling Scandalous

reality show villain

If You’re Feeling Sci-Fi

ready player

If You’re Feeling Sassy


Hopefully this helps ease the pain when it comes to thinking about cold Winter nights with a fridge full of food and no plans to be had. Instead of grabbing that pint of Ben & Jerry’s, grab one of these reads and you’ll forget all about that Cherry Garcia in the freezer. Maybe. Probably not. Cherry Garcia is like really good.

Until Next Time!

Xo Lauren

Halloween 2015: Celebs Who Nailed It

Hi Friends!

Halloween has come and gone, thank god. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of it, but it’s the same thing every year. A month before I start thinking of how this year I’m really gonna put some thought and effort into a super cute and super clever idea for a costume. Then two days before, my stomach is in knots and I’ve broken out in stress zits because it’s all too much. But I swear, 2016  is gonna be my year.

It’s not the same for everyone, though. Not the rich and famous. They get to attend soirées like Heidi Klum’s epic annual bash. They have money and people to do all the shopping and thinking. This past Saturday, celebs put us “normals” to shame.

Here are some of my favorites (plus a mystery bonus pick, who could it be?!), in a very bias, particular order. Enjoy!

#10. Chrissy Teigan as Guy Fieri

This was funny because she’s like the most beautiful woman and dressed up as the most unattractive man on the planet. A “normal”  like me, could never pull this off.

#9. Poppy Delevingne as Harley Quinn

I’m always a fan of relevant, pop culture get-ups.

#8. Tina Fey as A Sexy Ass Sugar SkullHey Tina, I see you girl! Mostly your boobs though, because they look bomb.

 #7. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

This is terrifying. I’m not kidding, I actually had a nightmare about this last night.

  #6. Ellen DeGeneres as Karla Kardashian
Hilar. The lost Kardashian. Are those Sketchers Step Ups though?

#5. Jay & Bey as Coming To America
Again, hilar. I was more excited to see that these two have a sense of humor. Always so serious, ya know?

#4. Gigi Hadad as Badass Sandy   Ugh Gigi. Not only are you gorg but you make my 8 year old self die with envy. You nailed it down to the awkward way Sandy holds her cig.

#3. Jessica Alba & Friend as Romy & Michelle

Perfect example of a “normal” having this idea, but never the execution ability that celebs have. She’s the Mary, the rest of us are the Rhoda’s.

#2. The Johnsons as Clark Griswold & Christie Brinkley

This is amazing for two reasons. Jessica’s legs and Eric’s uncanny resemblance to Clark.

#1. Kim Kardashian as 2013 Met Gala Kim Kardashian
#sorrynotsorry. When you can dress up on Halloween as your fucking self AND poke fun at a specific unfortunate dress choice, you win. Hands down. Game over. Stick a fork in me I’m done.

Irina’s Special Bonus Pick
Neil Patrick Harris & Fam as Star Wars CharactersTruth be told, Irina forced my hand on this one. She loves it. She’s also kind of a nerd and loves NPH. She’s right though, the more I look at it, the more I realize it is pretty adorbs.

In conclusion, not only will I try harder next year on Halloween, I will also work on becoming rich and famous.

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren

Kimmy Turns 35! Happy Birthday KiKi!!!

Hi Friends!

My name is Lauren and I’m a Kim Kardashian West-aholic. Alright alright I admit it. I’ve heard the first step in the recovery process is to admit your addiction. That is, if the addict is admitting they are in need of recovery. Don’t even try and call Jeff Van Vonderen because I’m nowhere near rock bottom. I’m not even convinced there is a rock bottom to my addiction. Especially not today, on Mrs. West’s 35th birthday.

I’m not like trying to be cool here. In fact, I think it’s probably pretty uncool to openly admit to being a Kimaholic. It’s like, totally shallow and basic to enjoy such superficial and materialistic things like the Kardashians makeup, hair and life in general.  After all, there are people dying Kim, let’s not cry over lost diamonds at the bottom of the Carribean Ocean. True, there are horrific things happening in the world everyday but also, those earrings were like really expensive and I would be inconsolable. Way to go Hump. Perhaps I KUWTK’s to escape the real world shit and indulge in Kim’s reality. Sue me.

The following is a list of genuine, I-Don’t-Care-What-Anyone-Says, reasons why I love Kimmy. Because, like, I’m totally a Kim. Enjoy!


Because North.

Ugly Cry

Because even KiKi can’t escape the need for a good ugly cry.


Because I don’t have to deal with how terrible psoriasis sounds, but Kim does.


 Because sometimes you just gotta lay in your spanx.

 Celine Sunnies

 Because these are everything.


 Because I love it so much when she’s pregnant. But not like in a weird fetish way.

“I Used To Be So Thin”

 Because she’s a girl and girls do this.

Taste In Music

 Because this one picture makes my entire life complete.

Detective Work


Because she’s a Benson.


 Because how the eff did we apply makeup before Kim showed us the glorious world of contouring?

This Dress.

 Because I still have dreams I was invited to her bachelorette party in Paris wearing this piece of art.

Unapologetic Vanity

pictures animated GIF

Because when the lighting is amazing, jail time is irrelevant.

Her Previous Life


Because Paris Hilton please don’t talk ever.

Figure (Booty/ Boobs)  Because sorry Megan Trainor, but Kim brought the booty back AND took it up another level with the boobs. Thank god. (I happen to have both)

Experience With Loss

 Because she’s human and even Kim has lost loved ones.

Mixed CDs

 Because in this Stones article she admits to still making mix CDs. And like, I too still make mixed CDs. Twinsiessss.

I’m not expecting a Pulitzer for this gem of a post or anything. I’m not moving mountains with my radical reasons for obsessing over a reality star. But I will continue to defend Kim. Look, say or think whatever you want about the girl but one thing is undeniable…Kimmy is in it for the long haul. She’s taken a raunchy sex tape made a million years ago (who cares) and built an empire. And as women, we can’t just hate someone for making a sex tape with an ex. That’s like the rules of Feminism. So in conclusion, Happy Birthday Mrs. West! Please continue to provide me with perfect selfies and pictures of Nori. But please, no more blonde hair. Love ya!

Until Next Time!

Xo Lauren

Throwback Thursday: SVU Edition

Hi Friends!

Today’s throwback post is dedicated to everyone’s favorite Law and Order, SVU. For real though, does anyone even care about Criminal Intent? It’s a last resort. Anywho, there have been some pretty noteworthy guest appearances throughout the year, some of which I’m sure the actors would like us all to forget. But thanks to the Internet and yours truly, they can’t! Check out my list of the top ten best. Enjoy!

Brittany Snow

 Brittany played an unstable girl who commits a crime while off her meds. I mean, who hasn’t?

Amanda Seyfried

 Amanda claims she was sexually assaulted, then recants her entire statement. It’s a real head scratcher for detectives.

Bradley Cooper

 Bad Brad played a scheming, sleazy lawyer. That smile though.

Elizabeth Banks

 Liz played a porn star married to Mark Paul Gosselaar desperate to pay her disabled daughter’s medical bills. Tugs at the heart strings.

Ty Burrell

 Phil–I mean Ty– played the lawyer to, in my opinion, one of the most terrifying SVU perps of all time!

Cynthia Nixon

 Cynthia even had Huang fooled in this episode! She played a woman who we initially thought had multiple personalities, but in true SVU form, a curve ball is thrown 45 minutes into episode!

Hayden Panetierre (x2)

 Hayden was lucky enough to appear on SVU twice! First as a little girl neglected by her parents and then four years later as a BFF to a girl who was murdered. Both riveting performances.

 Sarah Hyland (x2)

 I guess Dick Wolf has a thing for Modern Family. Sarah played a little girl accusing her father of rape (awful) and then a murderous, overly pressured prep school nerd.

Rainn Wilson

 Our beloved Dwight Shrute played a janitor where a comatose patient has been sexually assaulted. Honestly Dick Wolf, how do you sleep at night?

Bob Saget

 Creepy to begin with, Bob played a creepy husband whom Stabler becomes suspicious of after a woman is found murdered in Central Park. Detective work at its finest.

It’s as if SVU is a right of passage for actors. On one hand you have actors who pass through like Bradley and Hayden who end up being big time movie stars. On the other hand, you have Saget who is trying his very best to stay relevant so naturally, they turn to Mr. Wolf. Either way, just another reason to love SVU!

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren