Who Are We? Learn Through These Insightful Buzzfeed Quizzes

Do you ever wonder why you’re friends with someone? I’m not talking about the come and go friends, I’m talking about your forever girls.  Like, how exactly did you weather the storms of growing up and stupid girl fights and still continue to stay friends and closer than ever? Ya, me too.  And really the only thing I can think of is so cliche but so true.  Opposites attract.  One balances out the other.

Anyways, one night I’m laying in bed and I start to take these totally ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes.  For some reason I told myself “Lauren, be totally honest with yourself” I don’t know why, it’s effing Buzzfeed.  It was like 1:00am and all I knew was the more honest I was with these quizzes the more I would discover my true self. It actually worked.  I also thought, I wonder what Irina would get if she took these.  So she did.  As it turns out the results are pretty on point and gives you guys, our new friends, a nice little idea of who we are and why we’re friends.

Enjoy 🙂

Oh! Also, click on the quiz names and find out your results. Fun!

Quiz #1: How Are You Handling Your Quarter Life Crisis?

Quarter life crisis

Lauren:                                                                                    Irina:
FullSizeRender-19                             FullSizeRender-20

Umm, I thought mine was bad.  That’s pretty harsh over there.

Quiz#2: Which Jennifer Lawrence Movie Character Are You?

Lauren:                                                                      Irina:

FullSizeRender-25                   FullSizeRender-23

So this is pretty typical.  I get crazy Jennifer Lawrence while Irina gets fierce and strong-willed Jennifer Lawrence.

Quiz#3: Can We Guess Your Relationship Deal Breaker?

Lauren:                                                                          Irina:

FullSizeRender-21                                         FullSizeRender-21

Weird.  We do enjoy a nice brie.  I guess we will not date you if you mess with it.

Quiz#4: What Obscure Oscar Category Would You Be Nominated For?

Lauren:                                                                                      Irina:

FullSizeRender-29                                FullSizeRender-22

I wish I got a selfie stick for christmas.

Quiz#5: Which Britney Spears Song Describes Your Love Life?

Lauren:                                                                                          Irina:

FullSizeRender-26                                       FullSizeRender-24

You guys.  You have no idea how hilarious and how true this is.

Bonus Quiz! I took this one for the both of us.

Which Disney Duo Are You And Your Best Friend?


That’s us: sassy, classy and not afraid to tell it like it is.  Also, the friendly bickering like an old couple.

Do Svidaniya! Lauren & Irina xo

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