Top Ten Hottest Patriots Players: Past, Present & Incarcerated.

I really love football.  I really love the Patriots.  I really love good looking men.  Listen, I may be a little bias here but I seriously think the Pats have always had the best looking players. I mean there must be a woman behind their drafting process.  If you may, allow me to countdown who I think are the best looking players of all time (or since I can remember) on my beloved New England Patriots.

#10: Danny Amendola


I’ve always been a sucker for a strong jaw line.

#9: Rodney Harrison


Ugh, I love Rodney.  I love him and Tony Dungey commentating.  I love how Rodney is always so loyal to the Pats and always picks them to win.  I love his smile.  He looks just as good in a well tailored suit as he did in a uniform and that’s hard to do.

#8: Mike Vrabel


Look at that perfect five 0’clock shadow and perfect sweaty hair.  Swoon.

#7: Stephen Gostowski


Umm, who knew Stephen Gostowski was so hot? Because I didn’t.  He’s not a guy we see too much, being the kicker and all.  Here’s to hoping we see a lot more of him.

#6: Rob Ninkovich


What’s hotter than a big strong guy planting hard hits against other guys on defense? Nothing, that’s what.

#5: Jimmy Garropolo


As the back up quarterback, it’s nice to know that the Dynasty is in good hands whenever Tom Brady retires.  Phew.

#4: Aaron Hernandez


I know I know.  But seriously.  Also, doesn’t the law state you’re innocent until proven guilty? As of now the only things he’s convicted of is a hot bod, hot face and perfect hairline.

#3: Rob Gronkowski


Sure, you probably can’t have an intelligent conversation with the guy but who needs it? The Gronk is strong like bull.  And how come every game a defender “accidentally” pulls his pants down? I’m not complaining, I’m just saying.

#2: Julian Edelman


Not only is Julian delightful to look at, he’s hilarious.  Anyone see the video “Best Friend Smoothie” circulating?  Check it out if not.  He can also throw touchdown passes.  He’s sorta the whole package that fits into that perfect little body.

#1: Tom Brady


Okay, I know this probably seems anti-climactic but like seriously.  This is a blog of honesty. He is the ultimate and honestly, Tom Brady is the hottest Patriots player that ever was.

No matter what the outcome this Sunday brings us, one thing is for sure.  The Seattle Seahawks got nothing on the looks of the New England Patriots.  Sorry Marshawn Lynch.

Tchau! Lauren xo

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