Epic Love Stories That Changed My Life

Hi Lovers!

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.  It’s kinda lame but it’s also kinda cute.  I’m sorta neutral about it.  I don’t love it but I don’t hate it.  It is what it is. I guess maybe that’s why I have always clung so hard to the fantasy land of make believe hollywood romances.  Sorry, that sounded kind of depressing.  My point is, most of the time – real life relationships don’t pan out the way they do on TV or in movies.

What do you mean I’ll probably never passionately kiss someone in the pouring rain?

You’re telling me, that as the world is about to end, no one will eat animal crackers off my chest?

My soulmate won’t rescue me in Paris after I get slapped in the face by my current boyfriend?

That’s bullshit.  At least we have these couples to live vicariously through.  To me, the following is a list (in no particular order) of most epic romances.

Ross & Rachel


These guys.  Even though they were totally on a break, sorry Rach, these two are the ultimate. I literally die every time I watch the prom video episode.  Even though I know what’s coming, my heart stops.  He’s her lobster! Even through Paolo, Emily, Joshua and the skank from the Xerox place we all knew they’d make it. Epic.

Bud & Sissy

FullSizeRender (2

If you aren’t familiar with Bud and Sis, I strongly suggest you watch Urban Cowboy.  John Travolta is  smokin’ hot in it.  At it’s core the movie is a love story but it’s a little rough around the edges, which I love. It’s not always perfect and that’s real life. Epic.

Liv & Ben

FullSizeRender (1)

So I honestly don’t even remember their character names.  All I know is as a prepubescent teen, this scene was everything. These two are so in love they completely forget about the giant astroid heading for earth.  Or that Ben and Liv’s dad are about to hop on that astroid to save all of mankind.  Epic.

Jenny & Forrest

FullSizeRender (3

They’re love story spans like 4 decades.  Sure, Forrest gets shipped to Vietnam, watches Bubba die in his arms and Jenny gets addicted to heroin and eventually dies of AIDS, but the love is never lost. Not to mention the cutest little Haley Joel Osment that you ever did see. Epic.

Allie & Noah


Effing duh. Epic.

Carrie & Big


Their relationship ups and downs lasted an entire TV series and two movies.  I gotta admit though, I was a little disappointed when we learned Big’s name was John.  How normal for a love story that was anything but normal.  That aside, definitely one of the most epic of all time.

Baby & Johnny


Not only is this my favorite movie of all time, but “Nobody puts baby in the corner” are the greatest words ever spoken. Of all time.  Perhaps the sexiest man on the list, Swayze can dance. And not like pop and lock (no offense Magic Mike) but like sexy Tango.  Their story has it all, including daddy’s disapproval.  Epic.

Jack & Rose


My heart will forever go on for these two.  I mean, there’s really nothing more dramatic than falling in love on a ship that hits an iceberg and plummets to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Personally, I think Jack could have fit on the slab of wood but that’s besides the point. They knew each other for like 3 days total.  In that time they managed to party, do it in the back seat of a car, paint a naked portrait and partially survive a plunge into the ocean. Epic.

I hope everyone enjoys their February 14th, celebrating Valentine’s Day or not.  If you’re attached: I sincerely hope you have an epic romance.  If you’re not: be glad you’re not plummeting to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean ❤ ❤ ❤

Love Always, Lauren xo

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