Jewelry That Changed My Life

Hi Friends!

I’ve got jewelry on the mind.  So naturally, I decided to put together a list of times jewelry changed my life in the movies we all know and love.  As I compiled images for this list I realized just how iconic and trendsetting a piece of jewelry can be. Join me as I take a trip down memory lane and let me know what you think!


The Tiffany’s Dog Collar and Bracelet.  I’m pretty sure from the years 2000-2005 having these two pieces dangling for your neck and wrist defined your status in lifer at least in High School. Both are now sitting at the bottom of my jewelry box.  Thanks Elle.


This necklace ruined me.  Quite possibly the saddest moment in the movie.  It made me question for the first time the opposite sex.  I’m not kidding.  I mean, I question them all the time now, but back then I was still naive enough to think they would NEVER buy another woman a gold heart shaped necklace that wasn’t meant for Emma Thompson.


Ginger, Ginger, Ginger.  I LOVE Casino and I LOVE Ginger.  Sure, she’s a gold digging, two timing hustler, but so were all the men in Vegas at that time. Even though she’s sorta a horrible human being, I love her character in this movie and I love seeing her dripping in her gold bangles. My inner old jewish lady swoons.


If you’ve been keeping up with these lists (thank you) I’m sure you’ll notice this is the third (maybe fourth?) time Titanic has made an appearance. It’s not my fault this movie has it all, including The Heart of the Ocean.  Nobody else’s grandmother ordered them a replica for $19.99 out of the back of the TV Guide? Unfortunately for me, Jack never painted me like one of his French girls.


One does not simply make a list of iconic jewelry and NOT include The Ring. I mean, three widely successful blockbusters (and prequels) are all entirely based on this one piece of gold.  I can certainly thank The Fellowship for introducing me to the incredible world of sci-fi.  Not to mention how hot elves are.


Talk to me Harry Winston! Tell me all about it! Arguably the most iconic piece on my list, nobody wears it as well as Marilyn.  She’s my queen, my goddess.  Keep an eye out for a future post about the times Marilyn changed my life.


The hooker turned high-end escort turned billionaire girlfriend receives extravagant necklace.  Need I say more?


Remember when Patrick Dempsey brought Reese Witherspoon into Tiffany’s and let her pick out any engagement ring she wanted? Ya, me too.  I’ve never let it go.  She doesn’t even marry him in the end.  Instead she marries the back woods hottie who makes his own glass.  I suppose Tiffany’s can’t buy you love after all.

Auf Wiedersehen! Lauren xo

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    • laurenmargaret says:

      Hi Anne! We noticed that too recently. Working on ironing out a few glitches on our page – should be back up and running in a few days. Will keep you posted as soon as photos are back up. Thanks for reaching out!


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