The Oscars– Our Favorites!

Hi Friends!

So we know we’re a day late on posting our favorites from the Oscars but seriously, we had a difficult time editing down our list.  Honestly, we got a little personal with this list so excuse us if it seems a little bias, because it definitely is. Sorry if we aren’t as objective as Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne (ya right) but we had so many favorites!

Lauren’s Picks

Love How You Just Had A Baby

FullSizeRender-60                                                                 FullSizeRender-63

Zoe Saldana gave birth to twins less than two months ago. Rosamund Pike debuted her post baby body at the Globes wearing a table cloth on the red carpet but still gotta give her some cred. Are you serious with these bodies?! Pretty much confirms: Celebs – they’re nothing like us.

Love Your Age Appropriateness 



I am such a sucker for a woman aware of her age whether it’s 18 year old Chloe Moretz or 65 year old Meryl Streep.  Call me old fashioned but I think both of these women look absolutely gorg while keepin’ it classy.  Maybe others should take some notes? (Madonna and Ariana Grande)

Love How Objective I Am  



Let me clarify for you.  ScarJo and Gwenny are really two women I try to avoid at all costs.  I was hesitant to put them on my list because the last thing I want is to come across as a mean girl in my description.  But then I thought, isn’t leaving them off my list making me a mean girl? They look ah-mazing and I really can’t deny it.

Love You, Love Your Dress



Even though Khloe Kardashian totally shit all over Anna Kendrick on the red carpet saying something like “it looks like a dress you wear to a middle school dance” I’m still confident in my decision to put her on my best dressed list.  Sorry Khloe.  And Jessica Chastain, that color is divine.  I LOVE the way it hugs her curves and love love love that bodice.

Irina’s Picks

Sorry, but I’m too lazy to break down every look. Due to issues with “saving drafts”  this is my 3rd attempt at writing my portion of this post. Thank you for understanding. I will say I’m clearly all over the place with dresses and apparently am not a huge fan of updos. You’ll understand- I hope- once you’ve looked over my compilation.

Love the dress

(Dakota Johnson, Naomi Watts, Jamie Chung, Margot Robbie)

image  imageimage image

“Screw you red carpet. I’m going to wear my hair in a ponytail and look damn cute” – Dakota Johnson in my imagination

Love the person, so by default love the look

(Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Emma Stone, Chrissy Teigen)

image image image image

I just, (sigh) <3<3<3

Glowing on the Red Carpet

(Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike, Laura Dern– funny, all blondes)

imageimage  image

Not  in love with Reese Witherspoon’s dress if I’m going to be honest (junior prom anyone?), but she was GLOWING on the red carpet if you watched live. It had been raining for most of the fashion telecast, but when Reese hit the red carpet it was like the skies cleared and sunbeams found their way down to her.

So clearly, we are all over the place.  Many stars shined for lots of different reasons and who are we to leave them off our very important list? Hope you enjoyed!

Ciao! Lauren & Irina xo

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