World Wildlife Day

Today is World Wildlife Day. Did you know? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t because technically it’s only the second year we are observing it. The United Nations declared this day back in 2013.


Anyone that knows me (Irina, here), knows that I am obsessed with animals. Is it tacky to say I just feel a really deep connection with them? It’s just this unspoken understanding- pretty magical. OK, I’m getting mushy now. See what I mean? Obsessed. (As I’m typing this my kitty is asleep on my lap).


I chose to create a charitable line of necklaces last year because I personally wanted to use my business for good and helping wildlife is the most honest and genuine thing I could do. Nearly a year later, I’m so happy I chose to support the Wildlife Conservation Network. I have even connected with an amazing fellow animal lover and now friend, Katherine Schwarzenegger. We joined forces today to bring attention to the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Elephant Crisis Fund. I don’t want to plagiarize Katherine’s words, so let me just say go >> here << to learn more about WCN, the Elephant Crisis Fund and our partnership. It’s a great read, really.


What I can sum up is that Elephants are in dire need due to cruel poaching for their ivory. I want to make a change and I need your help! Here’s my end of the deal: I pledge to donate 60% of proceeds from each sale of the “Be Kind”, “Do Good”, and “Live As One” Wildlife Necklace. This is 10% more than our usual donation of 50% and will be happening Tuesday, March 3rd- Friday, March 6th in honor of World Wildlife Day. Please buy a necklace in support of this unbelievably important cause. Thank you!

be kind it feels better

Xo, Irina

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