Lips: The Good, The Bad And The Surgically Enhanced. 

Hi guys! 

Let’s talk lips. They’ve made a serious comeback as of late haven’t they? I credit duck face selfies. First the lips then the eyebrows. Both are so hot right now (yay for Zoolander 2!) But for  right now, let’s stick to lips. It is National Lips Day after all! 

The following is a list, according to me, of the best pouts, past and present. Some make me jealous, some make me hot and bothered and some make me queasy. Enjoy! 

Julia Roberts

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Duh. Jealous. 


What.a.stud. I know I shouldn’t like, glamorize smoking (guess what! It’s bad for you!) but I mean…is it just me? He looks so hot, so rock ‘n’ roll. Hot.and.bothered. 


Angie’s lips. The ultimate. Brad saw those things and finally saw what he’d been missing in Jen. Poor Jen and her thin, nonexistent upper lip. Tough break Jen, tough break. Jealous. 

Miley Cyrus

Put your tongue away, missy! Where is your mother?! We saw way too much of these smackers In 2013/2014. From her inappropriate mtv performance to her inappropriate concert antics. I’m all for a girl expressing herself but seriously Miley. Queasy. 


Forget the hips, look at those lips! The curve of his upper and fullness of the bottom…yikes sorry. Was having a moment there. Hot and bothered. 

Lana Del Rey

My Lana. My unconditional love for her aside. My gratitude towards her for making music that has become part of my DNA aside.  Her lips are the cats meow. The bees knees. All that and a bag of chips. etc, etc. Jealous/hot and bothered. 

Steven Tyler 

Some women, my mother included, find him sexy. I do not. I don’t see it. I don’t get it. But in any event, he’s got an enormous mouth and famous lips. Queasy. 


Are they real? Are they fake? Kinda like Kim’s butt, they came outta nowhere and were plastered all over the Internet. Homegirl needed an edge, with Kendall killing it as an international supermodel and stuff. I gotta be honest though…Jealous. 

Farrah Abraham 

Poor girl. Botched plastic surgery is the pits. I’m only assuming for now, I’ll let you know when I get my lypo and facelift in 20 years. But seriously Farrah, cut the shit. You’re a pretty girl and if you’re not careful you’ll end up like Heidi Montag. Queasy. 

Brigitte Bardot 

Songs have been written in her honor, paintings inspired by her and America pretty much has her to thank (or condemn) for popularizing the teeny bikini. Ms. Bardot was an international sex symbol in the 50s and 60s and for good reason. Mostly, the lips. Men would kill to kiss them and women would kill to have them. Myself included. Jealous. 

Today we use lipstick in any color, glosses, plumpers, liners, fat from our butt and fillers to satisfy our need for amazing lips. Whatever you do or whatever you don’t do, let’s salute being girls and being able to pretty up our pouts any way we want! Whoa, am I a feminist? I’m beginning to think..maybe? 

Kissey Face! Xo Lauren 

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