6 Struggles Transitioning From Winter To Spring

Hi Friends!

Let’s be real, we are all welcoming Spring with open arms this year. Adios Winter, we are happy to see you go. I for one, love spring no matter the year. It’s a beautiful time! Birds chirping, flowers blooming, hibernation ending. Us girls seem to go through a bit of a routine every seasonal transition, and Winter to Spring is no different. After the high of warmer weather wears off a bit we start to face reality of what that warmer weather actually entails. Let’s talk about these struggles, shall we?

 1. Consistently Shaving

For the next six months gone are the days of shaving once every two weeks. This sucks but at least our legs will be tan. It’s a nice trade off.

 2. Closet Cleaning

If my closet was half as cool as Carrie Bradshaw’s I’d have no problem packing up the Winter sweaters and hanging up my summer dresses. But it’s not. It consists of a too small single rack and storage bins under my bed. I sweat and at no time do I get to break for a video montage. Okay. Maybe I do. But afterwards I’m embarrassed for myself. At any rate, I do not look forward to the closet transition.

3. Pale Skin Awareness


Every single article of clothing looks better on with a tan. Although Summer is right around the corner, we’re all still pasty white. So ya, you can put on that tank or crop top but you’ll probably blend in with the remaining snow in the ground.

 4. Bathing Suits So this is true for me year round. But especially right after Winter. Nothing’s worse than trying on two pieces after your body goes through a long, hard Winter.

 5. Bye Bye Uggs  Look, I know it’s like, un-cool to like Uggs these days. But ya know what? I effing love them and will shed a tear the first time my ankles start to sweat in them. Because that only means it’s time for them to be put away.

6. Favorite TV Shows Hiatus


This one is not gender specific. It hits us all the same exact time. But if you’re anything like me, it hits hard. With shows like Girls and The Walking Dead ending, what the eff am I supposed to do with my Sunday nights?

I’m really not trying to suck the life out of Spring and warm weather already! After all, it is just a matter of time before we all start complaining about how friggin’ hot it is and can’t wait for sweatshirt season to arrive.  But alas, Spring is upon us and these are the harsh struggles we all will need to deal with.  Life can be so tough sometimes.  sigh.  Hopefully all this negativity will wear off as soon as I get my first tan line.  eek!

Lots of love! Lauren xo

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