So Hot Right Now: Pastel Hair

What’s the deal with everyone dying their hair green? And hot pink? And gray? In the past like, month there’s been a total surge. It’s not like it wasn’t always around. Let’s not forget Pink circa 2001 and Lil Kim circa…anytime.

I’m not complaining. I pretty much love it. Wish I had the confidence/balls/security in a suburban town to pull it off. I told my BFF who’s also a fab hair stylist that I wanted to switch it up once and do hot pink. She knows me too well though and we went with some subtle highlights instead. In any case, check out these new do’s!

Hillary Duff debuted her new green hair last week.


 Just last night, Julianne Hough Instagrammed Her new dye job.


These two from Danity Kane showed up with this new trend, apparently called “granny hair” to the iHeart Music Awards.


Nicole Richie went from purple to gray to green to HOT pink.


Kelly Osborne has been rockin’ this look for awhile.


Zosia Mamet, no longer a girl, went straight to granny.


January Jones opted to take baby steps with a soft highlight.


Aaaand Kylie Jenner just kinda goes all in.

Thoughts?? Will this trend last?? It is a trend after all. And who will be next? I’d love to see Hillary Clinton switch it up. Something to offset those boring pant suits.

ttyl! Xo Lauren

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