Gisele Bundchen Kills It At Life

Hi Friends!

This week Gisele walked her last runway. She’s 34 and she’s retiring from the model biz to focus on other projects she has going on. Okay, so now that you have the facts, I’m gonna talk about how much I love this woman. I think it might be weird, to like, love a super model. Shouldn’t I be eye rolling and seething with jealousy? Maybe if this post was about like, Adrianna Lima I would feel differently. But it’s not.

 I’ll admit, a lot of the love has to do with Tom Brady. A lot of it has to do with her living in Boston, giving it a much needed super model aspect. They don’t NEED to live here year round. But they pretty much do. They built an insanely expensive mansion in the outskirts of Boston. Would you if you could? Or would you opt for LA or someplace warmer. It just sorta feels like — they’re sticking it out with the rest of us. Just in a much nicer house with lots of maids. It’s also important to note that even with Tom’s high paying salary, Gisele is the bread winner. That’s cool. That’s like girl-power-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar status.

Anyways. The following is a list (in no particular order) of the times Gisele absolutely killed it in life. Enjoy!

  Let’s just start off with a bang. I heard an entertainment report the other day that credited Gisele to bringing the “real woman body” back to the runway. I guess i’m an alien?

Sorry Beyoncé but this defines flawless.

Oh so this is what you’re supposed to look like while you travel? Comfortable and effortlessly chic? I always forget about the chic part, sticking more with a effortlessly hobo look.

Just stop with this. Good god woman.  I can’t even let my dog off the leash in my own front yard. Gisele does it on an exotic beach, while pregnant in a string bikini and holding her son’s hand. I really need to get my life together.

This is my favorite. I know she got a lot of flack for the comment she made. I know a lot of people really tore her a new one for it. I don’t get why. I love it. Her husband just lost the Super Bowl literally 30 seconds before she was swarmed by jerk photogs. She was defending her man! And if you wanna get technical, she was right!

I mean, does this need a caption?

Just casually breast feeding with her glam squad. Best part is Kimmy Kardashian instagramming same pose a few months later. Sans breast out.

As her ever loving and supportive husband looked on, she walked the runway for the last time and every single model wore her face. If that’s not a way to go out I don’t know what is!

Man, she just really has it all together, doesn’t she? And honestly, I didn’t even eye roll or feel a sting of jealousy when I wrote that! I think I have a soft spot for women who age gracefully.  I’m not saying that 34 is old. At all.  Maybe I would have 10 years ago, but not when it’s just around the corner for me now.  But let’s face it, in Gisele’s world, like Hollywood world, it is.  She’s bowing out before she loses any integrity. Tapping out on a high note before doing anything crazy like falling off the stage during a performance or sticking her tongue down Drake’s throat at Coachella *cough*Madonna*cough* in order to stay relevant.  You go Gisele! 

 Girl, you betta keep workin’ it! 

 Xo Lauren

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