Met Gala 2015–Our Favorites!

Hi Friends!

So, last night was the Met Gala. Basically, fashion lovers version of what the Oscars are to movies.  Although, as far as I know, nothing big went down like last year (need I remind you of Solange and Jay’s infamous elevator brawl)  the night was definitely filled with amazing fashion.  The theme of this years Gala was China: Through The Looking Glass and some took that to the extreme. Please see: Lady Gaga, SJP.  Not that they aren’t completely bad ass for their style, because they are, they just didn’t make the cut for our best dressed list. But we urge you to take a looksy.

This post, however, is about the women we think absolutely killed it last night.  Enjoy!

Irina’s Picks: #1 favorite and the rest are honorable mention

Congrats Lily Aldridge. You get a gold star!


K-I-L-L-E-D  I-T, for me at least. There’s not one thing I hate about this look. Although to be honest, I haven’t seen her shoes so there’s a chance I could dislike those. I love the way she interpreted the night’s theme…. which in no way do I actually care about in regards to the fashion choices, but kudos. The dress is gorgeous and fits her so perfectly. I also love the dark lip. Something I’ve always wanted to try but 1) have no where to go  2) am too chicken. P.S. I want her clutch!!!  P.P.S. Can I be you?

*Honorable Mention*

Claire Danes and Keri Russell

image image

Really had a thing for the dark and sultry on the Red Carpet last night. Again, lip envy, Claire. Bravo ladies, you look smokin’!

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Haddad

image image

The young guns. Aside from being so hot right now in general, they are so hot right now at the Met Gala in these babies. What I appreciate here is the simplicity of the silhouettes and how the designers added just a little something extra to really make the dresses pop on the female figure. Thank you for not overdoing it with the hair and makeup. Your looks didn’t need it. Perfection.

Lizzy Caplan and Diane von Furstenberg

image image

These two spoke to me on a different level. With Lizzy there is the slight element of fitting the evening’s theme (which MANY were unhappy about), but really I just love the Red Carpet elegance here. The dress fits her well and the color compliments her skin tone. Diane!!! Stop being so amazing!! (but don’t really). I feel like she typically makes it onto our favorite picks in some form. That print on her – that shoulder- enough said.

Lauren’s Picks: All are my favorites because I wish I was them.

Gigi Haddad

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s all about age appropriateness. Gigi is effing gorg. She looks young, refreshed and natural. Also, shoes.

Adriana Lima Betchya had no clue who this was before seeing her name. I defs didn’t. Love it. The gala is afterall, a costume ball. Elvira meets supermodel. I’m obsessed with this look.

Hannah Davis

Hey girl, I had to google who you were after your arrival on the red carpet. No surprise, you’re a model. It’s cool though, because I can’t stop staring. Seriously. I’m in a trance.

Kendall Jenner  Gotta hand it to the girl, she’s a supermodel. I can’t find one imperfection in this pic. And believe me, I tried. She even pulls off the middle part and perky side boob with no bra. Who does that??  


Hey Bey, you’re naked but I don’t even care. Even if you are a mother. And you know how I feel about that. It doesn’t even matter because this took my breath away. If I could, I would wear this to the grocery store. Bow down.


She literally shut the shit down. No kidding, they shut the red carpet down for her arrival. Talk about bad ass. Honestly, I have no idea what exactly the dress underneath looks like. Don’t even care. There’s something about RiRi that screams sex appeal. Maybe it’s her “I don’t give a damn” attitude. Maybe it’s her way of expressing her personal style without following the rules. Either way, I’m about fourfive seconds from wildin’.

What do you guys think? Did we get it right? It’s funny, Irina and I didn’t discuss our favorites at all before putting together this post. As expected, our favorites differ a bit. We do agree though, that Gigi and Kendall killed it. It definitely feels like these girls are the next generation of “It Girls.” We don’t hate it.

Until next time,

Xo Lauren & Irina

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