Here Comes The Bride

Hi Friends!

I have exciting news! Today is the official launch of IVJewelry’s new Bridal Collection! Stacked with loads of sweet pieces for monogramming and personalizing, treat yourself or gift your wedding party. Click on >>> Bridal Collection <<< to view all the new goodies!

So here’s the deal. I have entered my late 20’s. Deep breath.  I’m growing up. Which means my BFFs are too. We’ve entered a new phase in our friendship. The stage of getting married and making babies. Which for someone who loathes change, it’s extremely exciting. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by girls, actually women, who at their core are the same wonderful, thoughtful, loyal people they’ve always been. Now their accessories are pack ‘n’ plays and diamond rings.

Anyways, enough of the mushy shit. In honor of IVJewelry’s new Bridal Collection I compiled a list of weddings I think must have been epic to attend.  Some are royal, some are common, some are scripted. All are epic. Enjoy!

The Royals 

Even though Pippa and her derrière totally stole Kate’s thunder, Kate can call herself a straight up princess. #winning.

I think we can all agree that Diana holds a special place in our hearts. I also think we can all agree that Charles  married way out of his league.

At fourteen I was barely out of my N*Sync stage. Marie Antoinette was married to Louis XVI.

The Commons

Clear stripper heels, booty dress, boom box playing Journey and a living room. That’s all Brit and Kfed needed to exchange vows in front of loved ones.

Ripped jeans, trucker hat, crop top, two witnesses and most likely alcohol and uppers. That’s all Brit and (what’s his name) needed in their quickie Vegas vows.

The Sorta Scripted Sorta Real

I mean, talk about a spectacle. This made for TV wedding had it all. I mostly only wish I was there to see Lana Del Rey sing for Kim the night before.

The Scripted

Keira gets it all in Love, Actually. Not only is Andrew Lincoln in love with her, he does the sweetest surprise at the wedding of her and his best friend. Not only is he a hopeless romantic, he kills zombies too.

I’ll say it, greatest music video of all time. First of all, Slash. Second of all, super model Stephanie Seymour in my future wedding gown. Never mind she tragically died at the end of November Rain, it’s fantastic while it lasts.

Are you kidding me with Wilson Phillips?! Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph perfectly portray how ever single girl sings that song. Also, if any of my friends ever made me wear that bridesmaid dress I would passive aggressively never forgive them.

When naive, Jewish Karen marries Italian mobster Henry in Goodfellas, it makes me happy. Maybe because I am also a naive Jewish girl that has a soft spot for Italians.

Sometimes weddings are traditional, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes weddings are fun, sometimes they’re not. All weddings are special, though. So here’s my advice: (for what it’s worth) have some good tunes, good people and keep the drinks flowing. Oh, and a lot of love 🙂 That’s the perfect recipe for an epic wedding.

Until next time!

Xo Lauren

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