Full House of Style

Hi Friends!

Today Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 29! Although we won’t be seeing them in John Stamos’ new and painful sounding revamp of Full House, (shocking!) the twins have made a huge impact on the fashion world in recent years. Like, move on Uncle Joey. Cut.It.Out. Anyways, for us twenty something year olds we pretty much grew up with MK and Ash. In the beginning their style was really no different from our own. Now, it’s like high fashion and a shit ton of money but whatever. Let’s look back and see how much they’ve evolved!

I do believe we were all put into high top white sneaks, lacy ruffle socks and puffy pants in the late 80s.

Remember that trend of being eleven but dressing like a thirty five year old high powered business woman? I definitely owned a pant suit from The Limited Too.

Best friend beaded choker necklaces and funky butterfly clips. Not even the Olsens could resist.

When people started to realize: wait, Michelle Tanner is like, really pretty.

Then people went nutty: wait, one of the Michelle Tanner’s is like really way too skinny.

Are the Olsen twins homeless?!

No bitch, it’s fashion.

From what I’ve observed, read and seen these girls work their asses off. They’re like, boss. They’re totally high powered business women now, minus the satin pant suits from Limited Too. It’s so crazy. I used to play with a Michelle doll that said “you got it dude.” Who else could completely recover from that kind of a career and kill it in the fashion world today? The Olsen twins, that’s who. #twinning

Until next time!

Xo Lauren

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