Because At The Moment, We’re Sick Of Humans. 

Hi Friends!

It’s been a gloomy few days for us at IVJewelry. No, not because our beloved Tom Brady’s suspension was upheld (okay maybe a little) because we just can’t seem to shed our sadness over Cecil. Our hearts are aching. As you may know, we not only love animals, we try and do our part to help and protect them. We dedicate an entire collection to them. It’s not okay what happened to Cecil and it’s not okay what happens to the estimated 800 other animals brought back to the U.S. every year to be mounted as trophys. Before I go totally H.A.M. on the topic, I’ll leave it at that.

So as you can tell, I’ve got animals on the brain and what better way to lighten the mood around here then to throw it back to the best movies (according to me) that feature the best animals. Because let’s be honest, sometimes We’d rather talk to our pets than talk to another human being. Enjoy!

Homeward Bound

Shadow, the wise elder and voice of reason. Chance, the wild young buck. Sassy, the spoiled priss who turns out to be tough. If you’ve never seen homeward Bound idk if we can be friends.

Free Willy

It only took Sea World like 30 years and a docu called BlackFish for them to get the hint that Sea World is really uncool. Free Willy was way ahead of its time. Honestly though, who goes to Florida and is like “oh my god, you HAVE to go to SeaWorld”?

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Because no shit.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Never heard of this movie? It’s okay. I used to watch it 30 times a day. It has hottie Jake from Sixteen Candles in it, if that helps. Anyways, this was like a real thing in the early 1900s. Women would mount horses and jump off a crazy tall high dive. Umm glad this isn’t a thing anymore.

Marley & Me

Great flick. Watched this tear jerker on a plane en route to a weeks vacay. Glad it ended as we were landing. I was splotchy and borderline hysterical walking through customs.

Hocus Pocus

Thackery Binx! Okay so maybe not the most believable feline. He’s very clearly a robot in most scenes, but what do you expect when witches turn you from a teenager into a cat?

Dunston Checks In 

A monkey?! In a hotel?! Let the chaos ensue!

Finding Nemo

Ugh, I have two adult pet peeves. One is adult braces. The other is adults who are obsessed with Disney. I’ll give you Finding Nemo, though. I’ll also give the adults wearing braces a break because your teeth end up looking hella good. I concede to both.


Just a heart warming movie about an introvert who befriends a seal as a little girl. The seal comes back every migration to visit her after his release. Just a tug-on-your-heart-strings kind of movie.

And in the end, let’s all just be kind, do good and live as one, okay? If you’re interested in finding out how you can help IVJewelry protect wildlife click >>>here<<< for more details. If not, it’s cool! Just promise you won’t drop $50,000 to fly to Africa and hunt any elephants and we can still be friends 🙂

Until next time!

Xo Lauren

DIY Lipstick in 3 Easy Steps

Hi Friends,

Irina here, taking over the blog for a special DIY beauty post. In honor of #NationalLipstickDay, I’m sharing details on a fun and easy way to make your own lipstick using non-toxic crayons. No, I’m not crazy. If toddlers can be trusted with crayons, I think we’ll all be alright.

I love seeing women in bright and dark shades. I always dream about going to the store to get “that color”, but then I never do. Is it because I’m not ballsy enough? or maybe too lazy? The jury is still out on that one. However, I do enjoy a good DIY project so this whole thing was pretty much a match made in heaven. So, grab a pal and let’s get started…

What you need:

1. Box of crayons  (the more colors, the more creative you can get!)

2. Coconut Oil

3. Small heat resistant bowl (ramekin pictured)

4. Small pot

5. Water

6. Cutting board

7. Knife

8. Disposable stirring device like toothpick (Q-tip with cotton end cut off pictured because we didn’t have toothpicks on hand!)

9. A container for the finished product (we used one of these, but if you’re gangster you’d have something like this)

10. Pot holders or some sort of buffer between your fingers and the hot glass bowl  (Not pictured, but useful!!)

11. Champagne (Optional)

image2 (1) image3


We watched this video before we started. Here’s our take…

1. Fill your pot with a 1/2″-ish of water and place the ramekin inside. Turn burner on low heat.

2. Melt the coconut oil in the ramekin and then add your crayon. Stir until crayon is fully melted.

***We suggest using 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil for a moisture-rich sheer color and 1/4 teaspoon for an opaque color. We started out making two sheer colors using 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/4 a crayon. Add more crayon as you see fit to intensify the color. By the end we were mixing all sorts of shades.***

3. Pour the final product into a container while it is still warm. Immediately wipe the ramekin with a paper towel and repeat for a new color.

image1 (4)

(top left) Nude:  sheer and natural. We used one teaspoon of oil and a little more than half a nude shade of crayon. VERY moisturizing. The tint is very subtle.

(bottom left) Pink: see above, but “rose” colored crayon.

(top middle) Red: used 1 teaspoon of oil, half of desired red crayon, a little less than a quarter of another deep red crayon, and a small sliver of black crayon. Moisturizing and opaque, but need multiple layers for real drama.

(bottom middle) Deep Purple: this color is one I’ve had my eyes on for fall. We scribbled a bunch of purple crayons before settling on two. Similar proportions to the red above, including black. Also gave a similar result. Need layers for drama.

(top right) Berry: a Red-ish Purple that required three different crayons using half of a crayon that was the base color and a quarter of two others that added more red notes. Resulted in a similar consistency as the Red and Purple above.

(bottom right) Peachy Nude: a color requested by a dear friend and therefore we felt like we needed to knock this one outta the park. We pretty much threw all caution to the wind by decreasing oil to 1/2 teaspoon and throwing in three different peach/nude colors that totaled, at least, a whole crayon. Our goal was to make a seriously opaque color. Unfortunately it was way too waxy. We added more oil, but the consistency never reached our liking. Live and learn. This one requires some moisturizing before application and then it’s delightful.

Everything moved so quickly that we forgot to write down our exact color “formulas”. Reproduction will be that much harder. Don’t make the same mistake!

Good luck!!

xo Irina

Transformation Tuesday: Taylor Swift

Hi Friends!

Another Tuesday, another transformation. This week is dedicated to none other than the beautiful T. Swift. Instead of a “what have you done to yourself” transformation, it’s a “girl, you be killin’ em” kind of transformation. It’s hard to believe it’s been less than 10 years since America was introduced to the now mega-superstar.  She pretty much runs the show these days. She truly is fearless. And she’s truly transformed herself from a shy country singer to international idol.



  Taylor hit the scene with a southern drawl and wild, untamed curls.


A year later and a year older, her curls are a bit softer and her tops are a bit lower.


 She’s defs growing up. For example: she’s learned to cut back on the heavy eyeliner. We’ve all been there, Tay.


 Taylor’s face when Kanye takes over the mic at the VMAs. Notice the curls have all but vanished.


 Her and her curls are never ever getting back together.


 Tay is growing up! And she’s like really really pretty.


At this point, Swiftie has totally rebranded herself. She did it before our very eyes. She’s also completely lost her twang.


 Taylor proves she’s part of the 1% of females who can pull off bangs.


 Just casually showing up to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show looking drop dead. She’s also BFF’s with supermodel Karlie Kloss, so she can’t be the DUFF.


 Jaws literally drop when Tay showed up at this years Grammy’s. She’s like stylish. Check out those stems!

In conclusion, Taylor Swift has transformed into a pretty fab adult. Is this how you’re supposed to do it? If she wasn’t so nice I’d hate her. As you know, I’m a big fan of age appropriate, strong female role models. Taylor has definitely killed it in all categories. Katy Perry might wanna take some notes before she throws anymore shade Tay’s way.

Until next time!

xo Lauren

Transformation Tuesday: Lil’ Kim

Hi Friends!

So I’ve decided to make Transformation Tuesday a thing here on the blog. And for the very first post I’m going with someone who today, is pretty unrecognizable. Lil’ Kim. Born and bred in Brooklyn, she’s the original Queen Bee (sorry Bey). In the mid 90s she came on the scene as this fresh faced, hardcore bad ass. She held her own with Biggie and Puffy. These days she beefs with Nicki and really, I mean REALLY likes plastic surgery.

Here’s a look of Lil’ Kim’s transformation. Enjoy!


  Not sure if Kim wants you to stare directly at her crotch or her face. I vote face because she looks really pretty and her crotch scares me.

 I’ll never forget this getup at the 1999 VMA’s (the best in MTV history). Diana Ross jiggled her boob but honestly, Kim looks ridiculously happy.


 So she’s defs had some work done by now and aside from being naked and her enormous boob job, she still resembles herself. Her eyelashes and eye makeup is #onfleek.


 So this is where shit gets kinda weird. For example: eye brows.


 Honestly? I think she looks great here. I guess it’s kinda weird that she’s Caucasian but I like the pink and blush tones she’s got going on.


This is facial expression is terrifying.


Maybe she was dealing with a case of jaundice? It looks like it. So if she was, that’s not really funny and wouldn’t be nice to joke about. I like her hair. And I like her brows. Maybe she’s realized less is more?


Nope, nope she hasn’t. 


Latoya Jackson?


Kim, what have you done?


I corroborated with multiple sites that this is, in fact, Lil’ Kim.  I think this is Kim’s attempt at duck face? Maybe she’s winking? Maybe she used her magic stick and suddenly became Asian?

Let me be clear. I am all for surgical enhancement. If you want big lips, if you want big boobs, even if you wanna look like a feline–more power to ya. Lil’ Kim is one tough cookie who has certainly gone through quite the transformation.  As long as you’re happy Kim, go on with ya bad self.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

Lindsay Lohan- A Historical Timeline 

Hi Friends!

Today Lindsay Lohan turns 29! HBD Linds! I’ve always had a soft spot for LiLo. I tend to have soft spots for people my age under constant scrutiny by the media and paparazzi. I always put myself in their shoes. What if I was a teenager and every single bad decision I ever made was splashed all over the pages of magazines. I mean, that would suck. Think about it, every horrible guy you dated for like 5 minutes, doing interviews, embarrassing family dysfunction publicly shared, those times you maybe had a couple too many cocktails and fell out of your Louboutins (okay, Steve Maddens) and the next day tabloids destroying your reputation. Anyways, my point is that we have all done really, like really, stupid stuff. So has Linds. The dumbest, which I will never understand considering these people have enough money for a chauffeur, are her multiple DUIs.  In any event, here’s a historical, factual timeline of Lindsay’s life thus far. Enjoy!


liloOur first look at Lindsay as an adorable innocent preteen.



Sorry, I had to include this gem. I’m not sure how much Lifesize did for her career but it’s in my top three favorite Lindsay Lohan movies.


meangirls_3286403bMean Girls holds a special place in our hearts. Ten years later I still either hear or make references to it on the daily. It made Lindsay a star.

 May 2007


After Mean Girls Linds’ sex symbol status totally launched. She saw mild success with films like Herbie Fully Loaded and Just My Luck and She was no. 1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list.

May 2007

Linds has a rough next few years. Above is her first of a few mug shots following an arrest for DUI and possession of cocaine. Side note: she looks gorg.

 Literally a Week Later 2007


Not long after Maxim hit stands Lindsay’s first big scandal broke. Pictures of her looking all sorts of effed up and holding a knife surfaced. Coke, booze and Sean Lennon are never a good combination.  Side note: Does anyone remember who it was in the pictures with Linds? Vanessa Lachey (Minnillo). Weird.

July 2007LiLo is photographed at the Polaroid Beach House looking HOT and sporting an ankle bracelet. She dgaf.

  2008 Linds is struggling.  Georgia Rule flopped and Linds has a reputation of being difficult to work with. She’s been in and out of rehab by now. She poses naked to recreate a famous Marilyn Monroe shoot.

 2009  Sam and Lindsay have broken up. She later states the relationship was “toxic”. The courtroom is her second home, first being rehab. This is pretty much the case between 2009 and 2012.


Yikes. Theories and rumors swirl over Lindsay’s teeth after she showed up on the red carpet with horribly stained and decaying teeth. Her own father comments that it’s a result of meth or crack use.



So, Linds stars in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick. I mean. She really did look the part. But. Just no.

 2013  In hopes to completely revamp her career and clear her name, Linds signs a deal with Oprah.  Oprah can save anyone. She sits down for a “candid” interview that leaves everyone rolling their eyes.

 2015    Linds moved to London in 2014 and was relatively quiet in the tabloid world. In late May of 2015 she finally finished all her community service stemming from 2012 and her probation was terminated. Way to go Lindsay!

I grew up in a typical fashion in a typical town and went to a typical school. Linds grew up in Hollywood. Literally grew up. She also had a shit ton of money and lots of time on her hands. I, on the other hand had little to no money, forced to work basically for free after school a couple hours. Then off to soccer practice or dance class I went.  So, in a lot of ways Lindsay Lohan and I have absolutely nothing in common, except for our age. But on the other hand, take away all the Hollywood glam, money, clothes, drugs, etc and LiLo is/was just a girl growing up like the rest of us, with a dysfunctional family and suffering from poor life decisions. She may be a mess, but she’s our mess. And maybe from now on she should maybe just call an Uber. Love ya Linds!

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren