Transformation Tuesday: Lil’ Kim

Hi Friends!

So I’ve decided to make Transformation Tuesday a thing here on the blog. And for the very first post I’m going with someone who today, is pretty unrecognizable. Lil’ Kim. Born and bred in Brooklyn, she’s the original Queen Bee (sorry Bey). In the mid 90s she came on the scene as this fresh faced, hardcore bad ass. She held her own with Biggie and Puffy. These days she beefs with Nicki and really, I mean REALLY likes plastic surgery.

Here’s a look of Lil’ Kim’s transformation. Enjoy!


  Not sure if Kim wants you to stare directly at her crotch or her face. I vote face because she looks really pretty and her crotch scares me.

 I’ll never forget this getup at the 1999 VMA’s (the best in MTV history). Diana Ross jiggled her boob but honestly, Kim looks ridiculously happy.


 So she’s defs had some work done by now and aside from being naked and her enormous boob job, she still resembles herself. Her eyelashes and eye makeup is #onfleek.


 So this is where shit gets kinda weird. For example: eye brows.


 Honestly? I think she looks great here. I guess it’s kinda weird that she’s Caucasian but I like the pink and blush tones she’s got going on.


This is facial expression is terrifying.


Maybe she was dealing with a case of jaundice? It looks like it. So if she was, that’s not really funny and wouldn’t be nice to joke about. I like her hair. And I like her brows. Maybe she’s realized less is more?


Nope, nope she hasn’t. 


Latoya Jackson?


Kim, what have you done?


I corroborated with multiple sites that this is, in fact, Lil’ Kim.  I think this is Kim’s attempt at duck face? Maybe she’s winking? Maybe she used her magic stick and suddenly became Asian?

Let me be clear. I am all for surgical enhancement. If you want big lips, if you want big boobs, even if you wanna look like a feline–more power to ya. Lil’ Kim is one tough cookie who has certainly gone through quite the transformation.  As long as you’re happy Kim, go on with ya bad self.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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