Transformation Tuesday: Taylor Swift

Hi Friends!

Another Tuesday, another transformation. This week is dedicated to none other than the beautiful T. Swift. Instead of a “what have you done to yourself” transformation, it’s a “girl, you be killin’ em” kind of transformation. It’s hard to believe it’s been less than 10 years since America was introduced to the now mega-superstar.  She pretty much runs the show these days. She truly is fearless. And she’s truly transformed herself from a shy country singer to international idol.



  Taylor hit the scene with a southern drawl and wild, untamed curls.


A year later and a year older, her curls are a bit softer and her tops are a bit lower.


 She’s defs growing up. For example: she’s learned to cut back on the heavy eyeliner. We’ve all been there, Tay.


 Taylor’s face when Kanye takes over the mic at the VMAs. Notice the curls have all but vanished.


 Her and her curls are never ever getting back together.


 Tay is growing up! And she’s like really really pretty.


At this point, Swiftie has totally rebranded herself. She did it before our very eyes. She’s also completely lost her twang.


 Taylor proves she’s part of the 1% of females who can pull off bangs.


 Just casually showing up to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show looking drop dead. She’s also BFF’s with supermodel Karlie Kloss, so she can’t be the DUFF.


 Jaws literally drop when Tay showed up at this years Grammy’s. She’s like stylish. Check out those stems!

In conclusion, Taylor Swift has transformed into a pretty fab adult. Is this how you’re supposed to do it? If she wasn’t so nice I’d hate her. As you know, I’m a big fan of age appropriate, strong female role models. Taylor has definitely killed it in all categories. Katy Perry might wanna take some notes before she throws anymore shade Tay’s way.

Until next time!

xo Lauren

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