Because At The Moment, We’re Sick Of Humans. 

Hi Friends!

It’s been a gloomy few days for us at IVJewelry. No, not because our beloved Tom Brady’s suspension was upheld (okay maybe a little) because we just can’t seem to shed our sadness over Cecil. Our hearts are aching. As you may know, we not only love animals, we try and do our part to help and protect them. We dedicate an entire collection to them. It’s not okay what happened to Cecil and it’s not okay what happens to the estimated 800 other animals brought back to the U.S. every year to be mounted as trophys. Before I go totally H.A.M. on the topic, I’ll leave it at that.

So as you can tell, I’ve got animals on the brain and what better way to lighten the mood around here then to throw it back to the best movies (according to me) that feature the best animals. Because let’s be honest, sometimes We’d rather talk to our pets than talk to another human being. Enjoy!

Homeward Bound

Shadow, the wise elder and voice of reason. Chance, the wild young buck. Sassy, the spoiled priss who turns out to be tough. If you’ve never seen homeward Bound idk if we can be friends.

Free Willy

It only took Sea World like 30 years and a docu called BlackFish for them to get the hint that Sea World is really uncool. Free Willy was way ahead of its time. Honestly though, who goes to Florida and is like “oh my god, you HAVE to go to SeaWorld”?

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Because no shit.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Never heard of this movie? It’s okay. I used to watch it 30 times a day. It has hottie Jake from Sixteen Candles in it, if that helps. Anyways, this was like a real thing in the early 1900s. Women would mount horses and jump off a crazy tall high dive. Umm glad this isn’t a thing anymore.

Marley & Me

Great flick. Watched this tear jerker on a plane en route to a weeks vacay. Glad it ended as we were landing. I was splotchy and borderline hysterical walking through customs.

Hocus Pocus

Thackery Binx! Okay so maybe not the most believable feline. He’s very clearly a robot in most scenes, but what do you expect when witches turn you from a teenager into a cat?

Dunston Checks In 

A monkey?! In a hotel?! Let the chaos ensue!

Finding Nemo

Ugh, I have two adult pet peeves. One is adult braces. The other is adults who are obsessed with Disney. I’ll give you Finding Nemo, though. I’ll also give the adults wearing braces a break because your teeth end up looking hella good. I concede to both.


Just a heart warming movie about an introvert who befriends a seal as a little girl. The seal comes back every migration to visit her after his release. Just a tug-on-your-heart-strings kind of movie.

And in the end, let’s all just be kind, do good and live as one, okay? If you’re interested in finding out how you can help IVJewelry protect wildlife click >>>here<<< for more details. If not, it’s cool! Just promise you won’t drop $50,000 to fly to Africa and hunt any elephants and we can still be friends 🙂

Until next time!

Xo Lauren

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