The VMAs, Bro.

Hi Friends!

So the 2015 VMAs are in the books. Honestly, I was like a giddy little School girl the entire time. Idk what came over me. I surprised myself with how excited I was for the show and honestly, I don’t think it disappointed. I’m aware or my hypocrisy. I’ve been pretty negative about the VMAs as of late. Maybe I just feel like last night all my faves were showcased, okay?

In case you missed it, here are some highlights! Continue reading

Like A Boss Lady.

Hi Friends!

In case you forgot, yesterday was Women’s Equality Day! In my more experienced, adult years, I have realized just how important it is that women support women. That women inspire women. That women empower women. Sure, we all love a juicy girl on girl celeb feud (who doesn’t?!) but when we get down to it, us women need to stick together, especially in the workplace. Let’s face it, the term “It’s a man’s world” has been around for way too long. And although there’s nothing sexier than a man who takes charge, it’s time we start realizing who really run the world. Girls. Continue reading

Venus Is In F**cking Retrograde

Hi Friends!

Ya know how there have been some major celeb breakups this summer? Not like Taylor Swift serial breakups, we’re talkin’ long term, in-it-for-the-long-haul breakups. Well, there could be a reason. Venus is in fucking retrograde.

Remember all the buzz about Mercury? Well, when Mercury is in retrograde it basically causes, like, chaos in every aspect of your daily life. When Venus, the planet of love and values, is in retrograde it totally wreaks havoc on relationships, love life and what you value. Continue reading

Transformation Tuesday: Miley Cyrus

Hi Friends!

Who better to spotlight on transformation Tuesday than this years MTV VMA host, Miley Cyrus? She, like so many starlets of our generation, began at Disney. I picture Disney studios like a child star puppy mill. Anyways, I’m sure it helped that her dad was mullet loving, honky tonker Billy Ray. Fortunately or unfortunately (whichever way you feel about Miley) she is our focus on today’s post. Continue reading