Because Cats

Hi friends,

Irina here, taking over the blog once again to bring attention to the cute and cuddly day that is today… International Cat Day!!

Shout out to my adorable little snuggle bug Link. I never really call him by his name though. Most of the time I refer to him as Doodle (don’t ask) or any variation I come up with… Snickerdoodle, doodlebug, dood, etc. It’s weird. I don’t know where these names come from, but they all feel so right. I’m sure you understand, fellow cat lady.

IMG_2764 IMG_2026

If you’re reading this right now, then you love all things feline and know your way around the kitty video and meme scene. You probably also know that studies have shown people who watch kitty vids during the work day are more productive and happier than their non-watching counterparts. Crazy, huh?! I’ll take it! I think it works the opposite way on weekends though cause I’m pretty sure I just lost a solid hour and a half of my morning searching for and watching cat videos and photos. Oops.

I’ll share a few with you. I mean, you’ve likely already seen them but whatever, these things never get old!

 Cat Proximity


Jedi Kittens


Just cause 

Man, if only there were a great pair of earrings and a super cute necklace that I could wear to show my kitty pride….

We have a Minx necklace and studs to match our best selling ring! Being a cat lady is so hot right now. So hot right now.

Xo Irina


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