Transformation Tuesday: Miley Cyrus

Hi Friends!

Who better to spotlight on transformation Tuesday than this years MTV VMA host, Miley Cyrus? She, like so many starlets of our generation, began at Disney. I picture Disney studios like a child star puppy mill. Anyways, I’m sure it helped that her dad was mullet loving, honky tonker Billy Ray. Fortunately or unfortunately (whichever way you feel about Miley) she is our focus on today’s post. Enjoy!

Destiny Hope aka Miley circa 1995

There was a time that Miley was just like us. Eating with her American Girl Doll at the American Girl Cafe. Jk I never did that.

2006  This was my niece, Erika’s jam. Not gonna lie, she had to explain the concept to me. I didn’t understand at first that she transformed into superstar Hannah Montana with only a blonde wig and was completely unrecognizable as regular Miley. After that, I was hooked.


She’s performing the duckface. A sure sign of preteen behavior.

2009  She’s added a nose ring, black bra and white shirt, and sultry eyes. A rebel in the making folks!!

2010  She nabs Liam Hemsworth. She later lets him go. Is that a joke?


 So devestating when she chops her gorgeous, perfectly wild yet tamed long hair. Little did we know how far she will go.


 This far people. This far.


 And so begins that pesky tongue in everyone’s face.


 We get it Miley, you like really love the pot. This is your party, you can do what you want.

So here’s the deal. Miley does what she wants. I really believe she just dgaf. And to me, that’s kinda cool because, ya know, I’m like a feminist and think us chicks need to be who we wanna be! Also, has anyone else been trapped in the black hole of her psycodelic instagram? I have. Sometimes for hours. I come out of it all discombobulated and questioning life as I know it. It’s trippy, to say the least. I guess she must be doing something right. She also has many many more years of transformations ahead of her. How exciting for us!

Until next time!

Xo Lauren

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