In Case You Missed It…

Hi Friends!

Even though I’m way closer to being a middle aged housewife than a teenager of any kind, this past weekend was the Teen Choice Awards and the only thing you missed was Britney Spears lookin’ bangin’. I promise.

Here’s one of Britney standing up.  

Here’s one of Britney sitting down. Brittany-Spears-Dress-Teen-Choice-Awards-Red-Carpet-2015

Here’s one of Britney posing.


Here’s one of Britney talking candidly.


Here’s one of Britney from far away


Here’s one of Britney up close.


As you can tell, Brit looked amazeballs from all angles. She may not be a girl anymore, but she’s defs a woman! Slay Brit slay!!!


xo Lauren

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