Transformation Tuesday: Nicole Richie 

Hi Friends!

You know the drill. Transformation Tuesday….Nicole Richie….Go!

Circa thirteen years old
 Kim Kardashian. Brace face. Unruly hair. Over plucked eyebrows. Nice to know everyone goes through it.


Umm she looks totally adorable here. I wanna squeeze her little chubby cheeks.

2002   Not so adorable here. I don’t wanna squeeze her anything. Also, trucker hat.


Her rebellious stage. Clearly.

2005   Sick of being called fat and known as Paris Hilton’s side kick, Nicole cleans up her act and looks totally chic with DJ AM at an event.

2006  Aaaaand she took it too far.

Completely aware of her skeletal frame, Nicole puts on a few lbs and looks fresh and beautiful.

 She looks so cute here pregnant with her second child, I could just squeeze her tummy.

2010  Umm hello, gorgeous. She’s officially been retired from every Worst Dressed list and is sitting’ pretty on the Best list.

2012  Nicole receives a style award. Scroll back up to ’03. Who woulda thunk?

2014  I mean, she’s a trendsetter now. She uses fun hair color the right way now. No more ratty multi color extensions over here anymore! But seriously, she makes this look easy to pull off.

 2015 Even with bright pink hair she’s taken seriously. That’s not an easy task. Just ask Katy Perry’s green hair and cupcake boobs.

Ya gotta give it to the girl…she could have totally lived her whole life known as Lionel Richie’s daughter or Paris Hilton’s sidekick. Instead, she pulled herself out of the crazy rich kid phase and became an extremely successful entrepreneur, even earning the 2010 Entrepreneur Of The Year award! She seems to be happily married and has two really cute kids. She’s also effing hilarious. Also, it’s insane how jealous I am that she can pull off the pastel hair so well. Ya know, she makes it look high fashion rather than meth head on the street. Keep goin’ with ya bad, strong woman self, Nicole! (Feminist)

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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