Like A Boss Lady.

Hi Friends!

In case you forgot, yesterday was Women’s Equality Day! In my more experienced, adult years, I have realized just how important it is that women support women. That women inspire women. That women empower women. Sure, we all love a juicy girl on girl celeb feud (who doesn’t?!) but when we get down to it, us women need to stick together, especially in the workplace. Let’s face it, the term “It’s a man’s world” has been around for way too long. And although there’s nothing sexier than a man who takes charge, it’s time we start realizing who really run the world. Girls.

Here are some of my personal favorite lady bosses from television and film. I love these women. These women are totally boss.

Who: Leslie Knope

What: Ride or die for her community and slave to public service.

Who: Olivia Benson  

What: Now squad sergeant, she kicks perp ass then goes home to play patty cake with her newly adopted baby boy.

Who: Mindy Lahiri

What: Confidently insecure Ob/Gyn who perfectly balances what really matter in real life and what really matters in celebrity scandal life.

 Who: Miranda Priestly

What: All time boss lady actress plays role based on all time boss lady Anna Wintour.  It’s an all time boss lady match made in heaven.

Who: Liz Lemon

What: Head writer on TV show. Constantly surrounded by big egos, she may not always do it with grace, but she always survives, in the most lovable way.

Who: Christina Pagniacci

What: Inherits professional football team. Big scary men try to push her around, she pushes right back.

Who: Joan Halloway Harris

What: On paper she oversees anything admin. related.  In reality, Joan runs the office.

Who: Peggy Olson

What: Don’t be fooled, she’s tough and self-assured. She’s the epitome of started from the bottom now we here.

It’s really pretty fun being a women, most of the time. It’s so rediculous that in 2015 we are still fighting for a seat at the grown-up table. But it’s kinda fun this way too. This way we get to come in, get shit done, leave people speechless with our abilities, then go out and have the same men who doubt us by our drinks. Boom.

Until Next Time!

Xo Lauren

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