The VMAs, Bro.

Hi Friends!

So the 2015 VMAs are in the books. Honestly, I was like a giddy little School girl the entire time. Idk what came over me. I surprised myself with how excited I was for the show and honestly, I don’t think it disappointed. I’m aware or my hypocrisy. I’ve been pretty negative about the VMAs as of late. Maybe I just feel like last night all my faves were showcased, okay?

In case you missed it, here are some highlights!

I hate to waste your time so I’ll get this one out of the way first. To no ones surprise Miley was unfunny, crude and wore next to nothing. Most of her one liners revolved around weed. Shocker. Moving on.

To my extreme enjoyment and delight, Kanye danced enthusiastically to The Weeknd’s performance.

Speaking of, my absolute favorite artist right now, The Weeknd, killed it.

Justin Bieber returned to the stage. He danced, he flew, he cried. It was awesome. He also wore a hat thank god, covering up a hideous new haircut.
 Brit looked fab. Duh. She also made a little joke while presenting with next to no awkwardness. Success!

  Kimmy showed up just the way I like her. Pregnant. I love Kim pregnant. Let’s be honest, I love Kim period. But for everyone that talks about how fake she is, there’s no denying her realness when she’s got a baby in her belly. She’s just like the rest of us, bloated, uncomfortable and enormous.
Umm hi Nick Jonas.
 Kanye accepted his vanguard award, conveniently presented to him by Taylor Swift. As he spoke she clutched Kim’s shoulder and wept. Eye roll. Anyways, in about a 14 minute speech, Kanye took everyone on an emotional rollercoaster. He was gracious to Swift, asking himself if he could do it all different, would he have worn a leather shirt? He pondered the meaning of award shows, questioning MTV’s motive on Taylor presenting him the award (ratings, duh). He told us to listen to the kids, bro. He smiled. And he officially announced his 2020 Presidential candidacy. Love you Yeezy. Foreva eva.

Until next time!

Xo Lauren

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