Fall Got Us Like…

Hi Friends!

These nine social media posts perfectly sum up the emotions that the Fall season will inevitably stir up deep inside all of us. Enjoy!

When it’s officially Fall but that one final pesky heat wave ruins it.


When people can finally get their pumpkin latte fix. (Because you can’t have pumpkin flavor anything in the Summer?)

When all those oversized hoodies you’ve swiped from exboyfriends become your most coveted article of clothing.

When it feels like this could be your year and your team’s lookin’ good.

When mosquitos, bees, and flying beetles are returned to their rightful home. Hell.

When you tell yourself you’re gonna try the new fall color palettes. But do you ever? Let’s face it, we aren’t Kylie Jenner.

When you finally accept Summer is over and realize you have The Walking Dead.

When you realize you’re about to save ten minutes in the shower. 

And lastly, when Ugg boot season (they might be hideous but they’re comfy af) is upon us.

Don’t fret, my friends. I know it totally blows that Summer is coming to a close but look on the bright side, no more hair frizz and necessary bikini waxing for at least 8 months!

Until Next Time,

xo Lauren

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