She’s The Kendall & We’re The Kylie.

Hi Friends!

I’m totally crushing hard these days on Kendall Jenner. She’s stunning. Am I crazy to think that even as a supermodel she seems like the most down to earth out of the clan? Maybe it’s because she’s a Jenner. Maybe not. Kylie is a Jenner too, after all. Kylie is just more like, rap video gorgeous and Kendall is more like, caterpillar turned beautiful supermodel gorgeous. Ken has red carpet style, runway style and street style. She’s got legs for days and even with a middle part (barf) looks the bomb. Gotta give it to her!

Here are 8 times Kendall proves there’s her, and then there’s everyone else. Enjoy!


Don’t be sad, you’re still like really pretty too. But let’s face it. She’s the Kendall and we’re the Kylie. It’s just the way the cookie crumbled.


xo Lauren

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