Throwback Thursday: SVU Edition

Hi Friends!

Today’s throwback post is dedicated to everyone’s favorite Law and Order, SVU. For real though, does anyone even care about Criminal Intent? It’s a last resort. Anywho, there have been some pretty noteworthy guest appearances throughout the year, some of which I’m sure the actors would like us all to forget. But thanks to the Internet and yours truly, they can’t! Check out my list of the top ten best. Continue reading

Shows I Desperately Miss — MTV Edition

Hi Friends!

It’s no surprise to anyone that MTV never actually plays music anymore. But it’s also kind of a bummer that the only watchable shows it airs these days is like, Catfish and Teen Mom. And that’s mainly because Nev and Max are so damn sexy (have my babies) and the Teen Mom girls  are so damn entertaining (Farrah put your boobs away).

Growing up I always thought MTV had the BEST show lineup. And ya know what? Looking back, I’m pretty sure I was right. Here’s a list of throwback shows that were my favs, and maybe yours too! Continue reading

Boyfriends That Ruined Me As A Kid

Hi Friends!

October 3rd is National Boyfriend Day. That’s nice and all but what I’d really like to discuss are the unrealistic boyfriend expectations the 90s set for us girlfriends. The decade completely ruined us. The guys were either reciting sonnets, jumping through windows or perfectly badass but hopelessly in love with their mostly bitchy, unappreciative girlfriends. Like, wake up Topanga, Brenda, Joey, Deej & Jen.

So here I am, a naive 10 year old, watching this shit go down and it’s what i think relationships are actually going to be like one day. Little did I know Continue reading