Shows I Desperately Miss — MTV Edition

Hi Friends!

It’s no surprise to anyone that MTV never actually plays music anymore. But it’s also kind of a bummer that the only watchable shows it airs these days is like, Catfish and Teen Mom. And that’s mainly because Nev and Max are so damn sexy (have my babies) and the Teen Mom girls  are so damn entertaining (Farrah put your boobs away).

Growing up I always thought MTV had the BEST show lineup. And ya know what? Looking back, I’m pretty sure I was right. Here’s a list of throwback shows that were my favs, and maybe yours too!

Please note: I’m talking about shows that aired during my pre-teen/teenage, after-school- hours-years. Please don’t be upset if like, Yo! MTV Raps or Headbangers Ball didn’t make the cut because like, I wasn’t alive when they were on. Enjoy!

Technically on MTV2 (remember MTV2?!) Deathmatch was fun because it spoofed celebs by brutally killing eachother.  Imag if it was on today? Meek and Drizzy, Taylor and Katy, Kanye and ….everyone? What a doozy!

Again, when videos actually mattered and we wanted to know how they were made.

Pretty much Tinder in the form of a reality show. Also, Chris Hardwick have my babies.

This show’s airtime perfectly coincided with my teenage raging hormones. Guess what? They’re still raging and I wish this show was still on.

This was fun because it was before TMZ and Perez and social media. It was like getting a sneak peek into celebs personal lives. Like when Mariah somehow did the entire episode in her bathtub and we realized she was a hot mess.

Duh. I still sing Hillary Duff’s Coming Clean as I drive down the road in my Ford Escape, nowhere near a beautiful oceanic view, but nevertheless with a smile on my face.

Pretty sure this aired like after 11pm. Also pretty sure it was soft core porn.

Sadly this one will never ever be coming back together. See what I did there?

You think you know, but you have no idea. Diary was the ish. The most obvious best one ever was Britney’s episode when her and Justin were just kickin it at her fam’s house in Kentwood, LA. Again, we got a peek into their private lives.

Daria is a show that I didn’t fully appreciate until I was a little older. The sarcasm, the neurotic parents, high school melodrama, it all made sense to me once I experienced it myself.

I think The Real World is still on in some shape or form. idk. That’s cool, I guess, but no season will ever compare to the Hawaii season. San Diego is a real close second but to me, the drama that ensued during Hawaii was the all time best. Fun fact: years later I somehow acquired a personalized signed photo of Colin from this season. He wished me the best and I’d like to finally wish him the best as well.

Total fucking Request Live. Except only the Carson Daly days. None of the Damian Farley or Hillary Burton bullshit. The End.

Really though, do shows like Teen Wolf, Dance Crew and Awkward even compare to any of the above? Okay, maybe Awkward. That shows kinda funny. But really, if it wasn’t for Catfish, Teen Mom and the occasional True Life, the Music Television Network would be completely irrelevant to me and my eleven followers on this blog. Truth.

Until Next Time!

Xo Lauren

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