Throwback Thursday: SVU Edition

Hi Friends!

Today’s throwback post is dedicated to everyone’s favorite Law and Order, SVU. For real though, does anyone even care about Criminal Intent? It’s a last resort. Anywho, there have been some pretty noteworthy guest appearances throughout the year, some of which I’m sure the actors would like us all to forget. But thanks to the Internet and yours truly, they can’t! Check out my list of the top ten best. Enjoy!

Brittany Snow

 Brittany played an unstable girl who commits a crime while off her meds. I mean, who hasn’t?

Amanda Seyfried

 Amanda claims she was sexually assaulted, then recants her entire statement. It’s a real head scratcher for detectives.

Bradley Cooper

 Bad Brad played a scheming, sleazy lawyer. That smile though.

Elizabeth Banks

 Liz played a porn star married to Mark Paul Gosselaar desperate to pay her disabled daughter’s medical bills. Tugs at the heart strings.

Ty Burrell

 Phil–I mean Ty– played the lawyer to, in my opinion, one of the most terrifying SVU perps of all time!

Cynthia Nixon

 Cynthia even had Huang fooled in this episode! She played a woman who we initially thought had multiple personalities, but in true SVU form, a curve ball is thrown 45 minutes into episode!

Hayden Panetierre (x2)

 Hayden was lucky enough to appear on SVU twice! First as a little girl neglected by her parents and then four years later as a BFF to a girl who was murdered. Both riveting performances.

 Sarah Hyland (x2)

 I guess Dick Wolf has a thing for Modern Family. Sarah played a little girl accusing her father of rape (awful) and then a murderous, overly pressured prep school nerd.

Rainn Wilson

 Our beloved Dwight Shrute played a janitor where a comatose patient has been sexually assaulted. Honestly Dick Wolf, how do you sleep at night?

Bob Saget

 Creepy to begin with, Bob played a creepy husband whom Stabler becomes suspicious of after a woman is found murdered in Central Park. Detective work at its finest.

It’s as if SVU is a right of passage for actors. On one hand you have actors who pass through like Bradley and Hayden who end up being big time movie stars. On the other hand, you have Saget who is trying his very best to stay relevant so naturally, they turn to Mr. Wolf. Either way, just another reason to love SVU!

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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