Halloween 2015: Celebs Who Nailed It

Hi Friends!

Halloween has come and gone, thank god. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of it, but it’s the same thing every year. A month before I start thinking of how this year I’m really gonna put some thought and effort into a super cute and super clever idea for a costume. Then two days before, my stomach is in knots and I’ve broken out in stress zits because it’s all too much. But I swear, 2016  is gonna be my year.

It’s not the same for everyone, though. Not the rich and famous. They get to attend soirées like Heidi Klum’s epic annual bash. They have money and people to do all the shopping and thinking. This past Saturday, celebs put us “normals” to shame.

Here are some of my favorites (plus a mystery bonus pick, who could it be?!), in a very bias, particular order. Enjoy!

#10. Chrissy Teigan as Guy Fieri

This was funny because she’s like the most beautiful woman and dressed up as the most unattractive man on the planet. A “normal”  like me, could never pull this off.

#9. Poppy Delevingne as Harley Quinn

I’m always a fan of relevant, pop culture get-ups.

#8. Tina Fey as A Sexy Ass Sugar SkullHey Tina, I see you girl! Mostly your boobs though, because they look bomb.

 #7. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

This is terrifying. I’m not kidding, I actually had a nightmare about this last night.

  #6. Ellen DeGeneres as Karla Kardashian
Hilar. The lost Kardashian. Are those Sketchers Step Ups though?

#5. Jay & Bey as Coming To America
Again, hilar. I was more excited to see that these two have a sense of humor. Always so serious, ya know?

#4. Gigi Hadad as Badass Sandy   Ugh Gigi. Not only are you gorg but you make my 8 year old self die with envy. You nailed it down to the awkward way Sandy holds her cig.

#3. Jessica Alba & Friend as Romy & Michelle

Perfect example of a “normal” having this idea, but never the execution ability that celebs have. She’s the Mary, the rest of us are the Rhoda’s.

#2. The Johnsons as Clark Griswold & Christie Brinkley

This is amazing for two reasons. Jessica’s legs and Eric’s uncanny resemblance to Clark.

#1. Kim Kardashian as 2013 Met Gala Kim Kardashian
#sorrynotsorry. When you can dress up on Halloween as your fucking self AND poke fun at a specific unfortunate dress choice, you win. Hands down. Game over. Stick a fork in me I’m done.

Irina’s Special Bonus Pick
Neil Patrick Harris & Fam as Star Wars CharactersTruth be told, Irina forced my hand on this one. She loves it. She’s also kind of a nerd and loves NPH. She’s right though, the more I look at it, the more I realize it is pretty adorbs.

In conclusion, not only will I try harder next year on Halloween, I will also work on becoming rich and famous.

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren

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