12 Books For 12 Feelings

Hi Friends!

This might come as a surprise to you but, I love to read. Like, if this was 2001 and I was filling out my AIM profile my hobbies section would say: Kim Kardashian, blogging, Instagram and reading. Funny enough, my love for reading only began the second I graduated from school, when it was on my terms. Summer reading was literally the death of me. Give me two months to finish a required book and I would read the cliff notes the night before the first day. These days, I spend my Friday nights at Barnes & Noble. I have a bookcase stuffed with books. Why not use a Kindle, you ask? Because one day, when I’m rich and famous, I will have a secret library like in Beauty And The Beast and need to fill the shelves. Duh.

With Winter approaching and the need for indoor activities other than eating and KUWTK marathons, I’ve put together a list of some must reads, depending on what your feeling or vibing. Enjoy!

If You’re Feeling Voyeuristic 

If You’re Feeling Criminal

If You’re Feeling Adventurous  

If You’re Feeling Lucky

If You’re Feeling Betchy 

If You’re Feeling Dysfunctional

If You’re Feeling Zombies 

If You’re Feeling Investigative

If You’re Feeling Feminist

If You’re Feeling Scandalous

reality show villain

If You’re Feeling Sci-Fi

ready player

If You’re Feeling Sassy


Hopefully this helps ease the pain when it comes to thinking about cold Winter nights with a fridge full of food and no plans to be had. Instead of grabbing that pint of Ben & Jerry’s, grab one of these reads and you’ll forget all about that Cherry Garcia in the freezer. Maybe. Probably not. Cherry Garcia is like really good.

Until Next Time!

Xo Lauren

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