Men Wearing Jewelry — Only Okay Sometimes.

Hi Friends!

So typically we leave the jewelry wearing to the ladies. Besides a nice hearty watch and/or a classic single wedding band, most guys just can’t pull off any sort of bling. Emphasis on most because there are a select few (some alive, some deceased, some fictional) that can actually pull it off.

The following list is in no particular order of jewelry clad men, mostly because I was too lazy. Enjoy!

Johnny Depp

It’s mostly okay for Johnny because at this point he’s basically a pirate. I literally don’t know where Depp ends and Sparrow begins sometimes.

Lenny Kravitz The man is draped in pearls, a fur coat and two knit hats. He’s my Jewish Grandmother’s spirit animal.

Tony Soprano

It is literally never okay for a man to wear a gold pinky ring and gold chain bracelet. Except if you’re Tony Soprano.

Mr. T
I pity the fool that disagrees with this pic. How could I resist?

Robin Williams   I personally love to layer necklaces. I personally love chest hair on a man. I personally love the Star of David and I effing love The Birdcage.

Run DMC  Idk there’s just something about the good old gold rope chain. But only back when it was fresh and new. Not like now when Tyga sports one.


Take a moment to appreciate the twinkle of the diamond stud. I suppose out of all the options men have, the diamond stud is the safest route. But who cares. Let’s stare at JT circa 2001 together, shall we?

Jimi Hendrix 

Go big or go home. And by that I mean, if you’re gonna wear six gemstone necklaces at once, you might as well throw on a glitzy chain belt to match.

So what do you think? Do these guys get a free pass when it comes to bending the gender rules a little? I guess I’m glad my guy keeps it simple with just a watch. I get it though, jewelry is just too pretty and fun sometimes not to wear.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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