Transformation Tuesday: Beyonce’s Hair

Hi Friends!

Another Tuesday, another transformation. This week I’m featuring the lovely Beyonce. More specifically, Beyonce’s hair. Girl loves to switch it up when it comes to her locks.


 1998 – Au Naturel

2001 – Teeny Tiny Cornrows

2002 – Big Hair Don’t Care

2003 – If I Can’t See Them, They Can’t See Me

2005 – Slicked Back Prom Up-Do

2008 – Act Like I Woke Up Like This Hair  

2009 – Long Like Cousin It

2011 – Blondes Have More Fun

2013  – Flaw Effing Less

2014 – Blue Ivy Played Hairdresser

2015 – Looks Like A Headache 

I’m jealous Bey has the means to constantly switch up her hair. On any given day, the thought to change my hair up comes up about 35 times. Don’t get me going on this new mermaid hair thing. But alas, I’m just a normal living in a Beyonce world.

Until Next Time!

Xo Lauren

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