I’ll Tell You When You’re Older

Hi Friends!

As a kid I had a handful of favorite movies and TV shows that I would watch on the regular. Most were actually kid friendly but some I look back at now and think, “What the hell was my mother thinking letting me watch that!” Maybe it’s because I had an older sister who’s favorites naturally became mine, maybe my mom knew that I would never understand the adult references made at that age. She was right, for the most part. I remember adults laughing at particular scenes and the irritation I felt not understanding. I remember them saying “I’ll tell you when you’re older.”  They never did. I had to figure it out myself.

The following is a list of examples that as an adult I can finally say “Ohh THAT’S what they meant.”



Forrest Gump


Wait, why is he all sweaty?! What do you mean his Mama sure does care about his education?!  Forrest’s Mama totally did the deed with the Principal so he could stay in school.



Wait, what broke?! Was Kinickie giving Rizzo a bracelet and it broke?! Why would he keep it in his wallet?! It was a condom. The condom broke. Kinickie’s insurance for not getting Riz preggo.


Dirty Dancing


Wait, why is Penny so sad? Is she sick? Why is Baby so scared and why his her father so mad? Penny terminated her pregnancy with that snotty little waiter, Robby. Don’t judge, it was her choice.




Wait, I don’t see a Prince in the bed with Lydia’s stepmom. Why is her lipstick all smudged and hair a mess and why is she passed out? Valium Lauren, valium.




Wait, what’s the big deal about sex? And what’s the big deal about condoms? Sex is a big deal. Birth control is a big deal.


Look Who’s Talking


Wait, why are alien tadpoles swimming to the sun? Is that supposed to be the planet Mars? How come it looks so hard to get in? Why is only one is being let in?! Oh, this is what’s happening when a baby is made. Like, literally inside my body.

I hope you are now fully enlightened on the above adult scenarios, that is of course, in the event you needed further clarification. 

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren

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