25 Lessons To Our 25 Year Old Self

Hi Friends!

So far this year we’ve been putting a lot of stress on being another year older. Mostly talking about it with a negative connotation. But for reals, why does getting older always have to be talked about negatively? Being older means we are wiser. We’ve been through it, we’ve lived it. Been there, done that.

Now that we have a “few” years that separate us between now and our 25 year old self, Irina and I put together a list we wish we could go back in time and give to that young, naïve, sometimes insecure girl.

We all know hindsight is 20/20 and a lot of the point of being young and dumb, is to be just that, young and dumb. Still, wouldn’t it have been nice to have our future selves let us know the deal? Really break it down for us?




Anxiety is natural and when you’re in the thick of it, remembering whatever just happened does not need to ruin your outlook is tough. All these uncomfortable feels will pass and a new day will come.


Whatever seriously plagues you to the point of considering seeing a therapist– but you keep procrastinating/judging yourself– Stop. Just do it. It’s healthy and everyone has a therapist.


Everyone has their take on the best way to structure a day. There’s stock in listening to how others live their day, but don’t let yourself feel bad if you can’t replicate it. Pick and choose what makes you feel best because there is only one you.


Dehydration is no joke. It negatively affects your mood, energy level, skin,– ugh, the list goes on.


Dating is part of personal growth, but who you date does not define you. Never let a guy make you feel anything but love for yourself.


Stop throwin’ shade– whether out loud or in private. Be happy for your fellow woman cause we gotta stick together.


Go see a movie, hang out at the park, or have lunch alone. It’s liberating and re-enforces the connection you have with yourself.


All those cheap jeans that kind of fit will run up a tab that could have bought you one really amazing pair that will last more than one wear and make you feel bomb.


I mean, if people are waiting on you then def hurry it up, but in general don’t let anyone tell you there’s anything wrong with taking time to de-stress and pamper yourself.


Without organized sports and their pesky (helpful) schedules keeping you fit it’s a struggle to convince yourself to exercise. Find cute workout gear, get out of your own head and get active. It’s not about weight (although we all secretly hope to lose it) it’s about heart health and keeping your body strong.


This one’s simple: when in doubt bring wine.



There’s no use in planning and daydreaming about milestone life moments. They’ll happen when they happen and you’ll be grateful they weren’t a moment sooner or later.


Live a little. Indulge in that dessert and don’t feel bad about it. Maybe just go for a walk after?


So what if you’ve bitten your nails to bloody stumps your entire life. Natural, beautiful, long nails are not unattainable. In fact, they are completely attainable.


Don’t roll your eyes, because this is literally where the magic of your life happens. Outside your security bubble is not a place to fear.


Stop saying sorry when it’s unnecessary. Stand up for yourself and your accomplishments. You are woman. Hear you roar.


Date. Meet new guys (or girls).  Meet lots of guys (or girls). Have fun. Be smart. Have fun. You just might meet someone special 😉


Newsflash: you aren’t always right. Put yourself on the other side of the argument, and then pounce.


They won’t magically stop coming. Also, paying on time helps. Trust me.


It’s so annoying when the center burns out, but there’s still a ton of wax stuck to the jar. Tip: wrap the candle in tin foil when lit. It helps the wax melt evenly.


Because you never know who will be spontaneously jumping in your whip. Don’t embarrass yourself by showing your friends what a slob you are.


You can’t do it all on your own and no one expects you to. It’s not a sign of weakness to raise your hand and ask a friend for a helping hand. Don’t be embarrassed if you feel overwhelmed. That’s what friends are for!


Trust me, it will change the way you look at your life.


It’s easy to talk yourself out of something. Too easy for you. What’s hard is talking yourself into it. When you learn to do this, you’ll feel liberated. You’ll feel connected to yourself in a way you never really thought possible.


Some nights it’s a real struggle, I know. You’re tucked into bed and think “ugh, I still have makeup on”. As much as it pains me to tell you this… you gotta get up and wash that pretty face of yours. Your skin will thank you and your mornings well be a little less harsh.

It’s not as if we have these intense feelings of regret, that at 25 we didn’t think to call a therapist or wash our face, we managed to turn out okay, so far. We’re happy that the chances we took resulted in pretty epic rewards, even if it took us a little longer to get there. Hey, that’s life. There’s no instruction manual!

Until next time!

Xo Lauren + Irina


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