Transformation Tuesday: Grammy’s Edition And Then Some

Hi Friends!

In case you missed it, the Grammy’s were on last night. Like most award shows there were highlights and lowlights. Highlights: Kendrick Lamar (Kanye, who?), Hamilton, Adele, Lady Gaga as David Bowie. Lowlights: Taylor Swift opening the show (booring), Vampires of Hollywood, Rihanna a no-show, and lots more. 

Something I did find interesting, and you might too, is how much our favorite celebs have changed, or in some cases not, since their earliest Grammy appearance to last nights!



2009          2016

Carrie Underwood

2007          2016

Taylor Swift 

2008          2016

Justin Bieber

2011          2016

Lady Gaga

2010          2016

Ariana Grande

2011          2016


2014          2016

A few other facts worth noting from last nights show: 

>>Kendrick Lamar’s Incred Performance<<





Taylor Is Like Overwhelmed With Happiness That Ed Sheeran Won

Selena Gomez Lookin’ Redic

Also Demi Lovato Is Smoldering

Ellie Goulding Stunning in Stella…

…But everyone’s obsessed with her lips! Shown here at a pre Grammy party.

Well that was fun! Pretty much more fun then watching the entire show. Just kidding, I like watched most of it but had to watch the premiere of Better Call Saul at 10pm.

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren




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