Currently Crushing: Blake Lively

Hi Friends!

This installment of Currently Crushing is dedicated to the talented and insanely gorgeous, Blake Lively. Blake is like, naturally beautiful. Which is super annoying but you can’t hold it against her because she’s kinda the best. Acting skills and adorable smile and amazing hair aside, her aunt is Robin Lively, the one and only Teen Witch. TOP THAT. If you don’t understand that lame reference, it’s okay. Kinda.

Anyyyways,  Blake is even flawless when out and about, running errands. Stars! They’re just like us! Except rich and married to Ryan Reynolds. Told ya, super annoying.


  Blake being gorg in her senior photo

Blake getting to second base

 Blake smelling flowers

Blake multitasking

Blake in a poncho


Blake not getting attention at lunch

  Blake lifting something heavy


Blake looking like a mermaid goddess

 Blake laughing

  Blake holding a pillow

 Blake being flawless

See? Told ya. It’s true, stars can be just like us, but why do they have to look so much better doing it? Like, airport style. Honestly, I try myself. But no matter what, I step off the plane looking pasty white and disheveled. It is what it is. I’ll forever be a normal.

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren


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