Carbs + Cuddles

Hi Friends!

Happy first day of Spring! And with that, if you’re a fellow East Coaster, Winter has decided to crash the party. Not that we are surprised. We have been like, waiting. Actually, It’s kind of rude you showed up so late and totally rained on Spring’s parade. But now that you’re here (just for the day, thank god) I can finally share this post that I’m probably way too excited about. Why? Because it combines my two favorite hobbies, flicks and food.

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Celebrating ‘No Strings Attached’ Sweet Sixteen

Hi Friends!

Just in case you needed an annoying reminder of just how old us Millenials are getting, N*Sync’s epic No Strings Attached album was released today, sixteen years ago. Throngs of teeny boppers rushed to the nearest Sam Goody, FYE, and Strawberries music store to get our hands on this coveted music treasure.

The CD gave us bangers like…

Bye Bye Bye

It’s Gonna Be Me


And heartfelt ballads like:

This I Promise You


Do you remember where you were on this day sixteen years ago? I do. I happened to be in my Hebrew school tutor’s basement studying for my Bat Mitzvah. My mother, the saint that she is, picked the CD up for me while I was there. True story.


XO Lauren


6 Females Who Are Important AF Right Now. 

Hi Friends!

As I’m sure you are aware (since it’s halfway through March) all month long we celebrate Women’s History. But ONLY THIS MONTH – jk we should praise every bad ass woman everyday of every month.

There are several women that are currently making headlines in their respected areas of expertise. and I’m happy to share with you, my handful of readers, why I think they’re important AF. Click on their names for a more in depth bio! Continue reading