10 Celeb Couples That Were So 15 Years Ago

Hi Friends!

So I’m like technically a grown up now. Like, according to society and my age, I’m considered a grown up. It makes sense that people my age are getting married, buying homes and having babies. Celebs are no different. The generation of celebrities that I grew up with are the ones from the early 2000’s. Most have married off (once or twice) had some kids, and all that other stuff in between. They may be happily committed and living the domestic, settled down life now, but 15 years ago these teen idols couldn’t keep their paws off each other. Back when pop princesses ruled the airwaves, teen rom-coms dominated the box office and MTV played music videos.

Check out these 10 celebrity couples you totally forgot dated along with the How’s and the Why’s of the relationship. It’s truly compelling stuff!


Carson Daly + Tara Reid

March 2000 – June 2001

How They Met: Where else but the epitome of Spring Break in 2000? An MTV event in Cancun.

Cause Of Split: Differences, in that Daly wanted marriage and Reid did not. The couple got engaged after seven months but Reid postponed the wedding to film the I’m-sure-straight-to-dvd The Guest.

  Tom Green + Drew Barrymore

November 1999 – October 2002


How They Met: Drew initiated by asking Tom for a cameo in Charlie’s Angels.

Cause Of Split: Irreconcilable differences. A least that’s what the divorce papers state. The two did endure some heavy stuff during their brief relationship, Tom fought testicular cancer and their home burned to the ground. I would say it was fun while it lasted, but idk if that’s the case.

Chris Klein + Katie Holmes

January 2000 – March 2005


How They Met: A mutual friend’s wedding.

Cause Of Split: Tom Cruise.

Colin Farrell + Britney Spears

January 2003 – One Week Later

How They Met: Brit visited the set of Colin’s movie S.W.A.T. 

Cause Of Split: Let’s be real, a fling needs no reason. Especially this one.

Leo DiCaprio + Gisele Bundchen

2000 – 2005


How They Met: But of course, a runway show.

Cause Of Split: Gisele, being the confident woman she is, dumped Leo after his hesitation to pop the question.

Rich Cronin + Jennifer Love Hewitt

1999 – 2000 

How They Met: At something called the Blockbuster Awards. How very 1999.

Cause Of Split: Infidelity on Hewitt’s end. RIP Rich Cronin.

Ryan Cabrera + Ashlee Simpson

2004 – 2005 ish

How They Met: Papa Joe Simpson made Ryan famous as his manager. Ashlee starred in his music video. A pop music fairytale!

Why They Split: Like most young loves, this pair had lots of ups and downs. Unlike most, it played out on an MTV reality show. Reason for split? Chalk it up to Ry’s hair and Ashlee’s pre-nose job. I kid I kid.

Chris Evans + Jessica Biel

2003 – 2006


How They Met: The two met while costarring in the forgettable film Cellular. 

Cause Of Split: Another woman. It’s cool though, a few months later Biel found the ultimate revenge in Justin Timberlake.

Wilmer Valderrama + Lindsay Lohan

 July 2004 (officially) – November 2004

 How They Met: I say officially bc they coincidentally went public on the day of LiLo’s 18th bday. Therefor, I have literally no idea how they actually met.

Why They Split: Neither has given exact reasons for the split but I’d take a lucky guess that it had something to do with the start of Lindsay’s manic meltdown.

Nick Carter + Paris Hilton

January 2004 – July 2004

How They Met: Through Paris’ bodyguard, who was a friend on Nick’s.

Cause Of Split: distrust, cocaine and also an unconfirmed case of domestic abuse.

So what’s the moral of the story? Being in a celeb relationship is like, complicated. Also, does anyone else feel like for the most part, the above mentioned women totally ruined the above mentioned men? Suckers. JK. Male or female, celeb or normal, you should totally respect your partner.

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren

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