Carbs + Cuddles

Hi Friends!

Happy first day of Spring! And with that, if you’re a fellow East Coaster, Winter has decided to crash the party. Not that we are surprised. We have been like, waiting. Actually, It’s kind of rude you showed up so late and totally rained on Spring’s parade. But now that you’re here (just for the day, thank god) I can finally share this post that I’m probably way too excited about. Why? Because it combines my two favorite hobbies, flicks and food.

It was recently brought to my attention that there are some pretty great movies that pair pretty perfectly with some delicious treats. How did this never occur to me? I’m a little disappointed in myself!

Anyways, here are 10 great movies to pair with 10 delicious foods to help you get through this miserable season we call winter.


Cheese Pizza + Home Alone


Because obviously.

Wine + Love, Actually


Because it’s just the rules.

Shrimp Cocktail + Forrest Gump

 Because there’s all sorts of ways to eat shrimp, but this is the best way.

Macaroons + Marie Antoinette

img_0443-e14555515751961Because you’re fancy and you can also Instagram them after and prove to everyone just how fancy you are.

Twinkies + Zombieland  Because I’m unsure if Hostess Twinkies still exist, and that’s kind of like the end of the world too.

Spaghetti + Eat Pray Love

img_0424-e14555520498821  Because you can’t find yourself while traveling across Europe from the couch, but you can eat.

Baked Brie + Lord Of The Rings  Because although it’s not baked, Bree is a village in Middle Earth and that’s good enough for me.

Cheese Fries + Mean Girls

Because screw it, we’re getting cheese fries.

Cupcakes + Sixteen Candles

 Because you should do it for Molly, and probably have sixteen.

Milkshakes + Burgers + Grease


Because it’s the word, haven’t you heard?

So like, whether you’re hosting a girls night at your place or nursing cramps on the couch, go ahead and eat that cheese pizza girl! Who knows, Winter might come back in like two weeks.

Until Next Time!

XO Lauren

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