IVJ will be out of the office: What you need to know

Hi Friends!

I’m (Irina) getting hitched and like any normal bride, that means I’ll be taking time off from work to celebrate. I’m also bringing my IVJ partner in crime (and bridesmaid) Lauren along with me, so that means this small business needs to go on vacation too. This blog post has everything you need to know about the upcoming production and shipping changes as well as some tidbits about my wedding, in case you’re curious!

Shopping? Here’s What You Need To Know

 The online shop will remain open so you can continue to browse, BUT…

  1. All orders placed after Sunday, April 24th will not be processed until Monday, May 16th (at the earliest). This means we’re no longer taking orders for Mother’s Day.
  2. Production and shipping estimates noted on the website are based on our standard operating practices and do not apply for the time period between April 24th-May 16th.
  3. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts and need to chat with one of us feel free to email our customer service address, contact (at) ivjewelry.com. We won’t be able to respond with our normal level of speediness, but we will get back to you ASAP!

Girly Wedding Stuff

Ok, now I can take off my girlboss hat and put on my bridal veil. (So cheesy, but let me just enjoy this moment!)

Back Story:

My fiancé, Jeremy, and I met almost 7 years ago while working at the same biotech company as research scientists. We would steal flirtatious moments while using lab robots and wearing a lab coat and goggles. <– not a joke. We started dating pretty quickly and five years later he put a ring on it. Not gonna lie, at this point it already feels like we’re married BUT I am 100 percent excited to make it official and celebrate with everyone we love!


Destination Wedding:

We opted for a destination wedding because traveling is something we enjoy doing together and we wanted an intimate setting. Mexico was a natural first choice because we’ve vacationed there a few times and loved it! I don’t know what it is exactly, but the Mayan Riviera is lovely and I truly believe that all-inclusive resorts are the way to go when you’re looking to unplug and relax. TIP: definitely worth paying the extra money to stay at a 4+ star resort. Your life revolves around the place for a week so you might as well be somewhere nice with good food! 

Our ceremony and reception will take place at a private beach club. I’ve done all the planning with the wedding coordinator over email, Skype, Pinterest, Spotify, etc, etc. I’m really trusting her and let me tell you she’s pretty effing amazing. We set a strict budget for the celebration so we opted out of visiting the place before booking — risky, I know— but we read so many amazing reviews that we just went for it! So far I have zero regrets.

Decorations and pretty dresses:

Being a minimalist, my vision for the day is very specific. I’m not a fun orange & pink gal or a cool turquoise & green chick, which are bright and happy colors one would typically associate with beach weddings. Instead I decided to stick to what’s true to me and my FH (…wedding discussion boards got me like) and go for a minimalist, classic look while still keeping things light and beachy. WTF does that mean? Here’s my vision board:

wedding inspiration board

The inspiration for my bridesmaids hit me while I was thumbing through a bridal magazine and saw a photo of a trio in white tanks and floral palazzo pants. I nearly fell over. It was SO cute. I knew I wouldn’t be able to recreate that look so I decided it would be equally cute to have the girls in a maxi skirt and tank. I also decided I would make the skirts for each of the girls myself. eee! At first I wanted them in all white because I love that look, but then very quickly realized it’s really hard to match whites for separates considering the tanks were going to be purchased elsewhere. That was my first bridal “bummer” moment. In the end, my mom helped me pick a peachy blush fabric that goes really well with their off-white tanks! The vision board I sent to my girls:


Last but not least, my dress. From the beginning I knew I wanted to make it with my mom. 1) Because I had something particular in mind, which was lightweight, body hugging, and flowy 2) Because I thought it would be really sweet to look back and remember that I made it with my mom. So many other stages of this destination wedding planning process have been hands off that it was nice to immerse myself into something tangible. Wedding dress vision board:

wedding dres inspo.jpg

Little did I know sewing all these garments would be the joy and bane of my existence over half a years time–and more specifically the last 90 days– but I’m really happy with the way the girl’s skirts and my dress turned out. I don’t regret any of it and I can’t wait to share on Instagram and Snapchat when the time comes! I hope you’ll follow along!

Insta links:  @ivjewelry  @laure1187  #MargIrinaville

Snapchat handles: @ivzhan @Ldub1187

xx, Irina

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