Marilyn Monroe: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. 

Hi Friends!

In honor of what would have been Ms. Monroe’s 90th birthday, the following is a list that proves once again, that celebs are just like us! Meaning… every girl goes through a “Marilyn stage” Lucky enough for the women below, they have the money and glam squad to fulfill us normal girls fantasy of transforming into one of the most legendary bombshells of all time. I’ll let you decided who crushes it and who does not. Kinda.



Britney Spears circa 2001

I vaguely remember seeing this photo 15 years ago (yikes). Is it just me or does Brit totally nail Marilyn’s expression?


Marilyn 1953


Lana Del Rey 2012


Marilyn 1957


Lana Del Rey 2012 (part deux)

Clearly we know when Lana’s Marilyn stage was. Lana pulled inspo from Monroe in her Blue Jeans and National Anthem videos. To be fair, Elvis is her daddy and Marilyn’s her mother. Also, you should click and watch both videos. Bc I said so, that’s why.


Marilyn 1962


 Madonna (ugh) 1984

I mean this isn’t just inspiration, it’s a total ripoff. Don’t worry, I haven’t provided a link.


Marilyn 1953


 Kim Kardashian West 2015

Kim HAD to squeeze in a Marilyn photo shoot while she had the bleach blonde hair. It was like, her civic duty.


Marilyn 1953


Mariah Carey 1998

Mariah recreated Marilyn’s famous USO performance in her I Still Believe video. Which reminds me, that’s a great effing song that I need to download asap. Also, not Madonna so not a ripoff.


Marilyn 1954


Anna Nicole Smith 1993

Anna spoke very publicly about feeling a spiritual connection with Monroe. Hef has even talked about similarities. Anna channeled her inner Marilyn as she accepted her Playmate of the year award.

Anna Nicole Smith

Marilyn 1955


 Sarah Jessica Parker 2005

This is a lovely photo of SJP, but it’s one that shouldn’t have ever been touched. The “ballerina” photos of Marilyn are, in my opinion, a national treasure.


Marilyn 1954


Lindsay Lohan 2008

What comes to my mind when I see this? Oh paaahlease. Let’s try a little harder, Linds. This is annoying me now as I type this and it annoyed me then when I saw it. This was LiLo’s, I-Only-Did-Coke-Three-Times phase, was it not? Let’s move on.


Marilyn 1962


Scarlett Johansson 2010

I see what’s happening here and I don’t like it. I love how the photo of Marilyn is candid and an everyday moment for a woman. Scarlett is all vampy and sexed up in this campaign for Dolce & Gabbana. Marilyn didn’t need to act like a bombshell all the time, she just was.


Marilyn 1954



So, they say imitation is the highest, most sincere form of flattery. Go to any costume party on Halloween and tell me how many Marilyns (male and female) you see. I honestly hope people continue to imitate and recreate her, because now and for the past 50 years, she only lives in photographs. Happy birthday, Norma Jean.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren


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