Currently Crushing: Drake

Hi Friends!

If you’re reading this…you probably know that Drake is so hot rn. He’s like, that mythical man creature, ya know the one who’s handsome, hood, charming, educated, loyal…..etc etc etc.  He’s a bad boy (idk for life) but also sensitive and gentle. Right? Am I just imagining this? I mean, come on, he played that kid in the wheelchair on TV 15 years ago and now hangs with Lil Wayne, drops hit after hit and enjoys a good Twitter feud (much to my delight).

Here are some of the reasons why my Man Crush Monday belongs to Drake.


Drake Smiling.


Drake with a beard + pout.


Drake laughing at a text.


 Drake clapping.


Drake wearing a Boston hat (!).


Drake giving a massage.


Drake in a poncho.


Drake wearing a yarmulke (!).


Drake soaking up the sun.


Drake wearing every single chain even when he’s in the house….


…Cause he started from the bottom now he’s here. Mazel Tov Drake, Mazel Tov.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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