Currently Adoring: Too Cute Celeb Daughters

Hi Friends!

Blame it on my ticking biological clock. Blame it on all the ugliness going on in the world. Blame it on my three completely perfect and angelic nieces (actually, don’t get them involved). Or like, maybe don’t blame it on anything because the following post is meant to simply put a smile on your face, as it does mine.Today’s edition of Currently Crushing has been modified to Currently Adoring because it’s dedicated to the cutest little girls in the land of Hollywood and let’s face it, to say I was crushing on them, just sounds creepy.  I don’t actually like, have a crush on them. I just want to squeeze their cheeks, be their nanny and constantly google cute pictures of them all day long. I just needed to make that clear.


Princess Charlotte waving to her subjects.


Haven Warren (Alba) in pigtails not impressed.

Jessica Alba Stops For Breakfast With Her Daughter

Nori (we’re on a nickname basis) West giving side-eye.


Blue Ivy Carter already in formation.


Monroe Cannon yawning.


Harper Beckham in a fedora.


Leah Stills in a Lebron James jersey (I won’t hold it against her).


Penelope Disick sporting a topknot.


Maxi Drew Johnson striking a pose. (I can’t even with this one)


Riley Curry cheering.


Willow Sage Hart rocking bangs + a scrunchy like a boss.

Premiere of 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' - Arrivals

Luna Stephens (Legend) thinking about how perfect she is.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Thank god for little girls. Also, thank god for these celeb moms being on social media and being famous so that I can live vicariously through them and pretend their baby’s are my own. Oops, creepy again. But really, thank you. Also, my boyfriend thanks you.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren


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