8 Celebs Who Used To Be Strippers

Hi Friends!

Guess what? 20 years ago today the classic American film, Striptease was released for all to enjoy. In honor of the film, here are 8 celebs (male and female) who worked the pole IRL to make that dolla dolla bill before they were famous.


Amber Rose


Rose began stripping at 15 (yikes!) in Philly. She calls it the best time of her life.

Mark Consuelos


Gasp! The husband to morning show sweetheart Kelly Ripa stripped as a student at the University of South Florida. He started out as a “roadie” then later became the real deal. Umm what exactly does a stripper “roadie” do?

Catherine Zeta Jones


Before launching her acting career, Catherine stripped not to pay her way through medical school, but for a nose job.

Carmen Electra


Sooo no real surprise here. Born Tara Leigh, Carmen has been using her stripper stage name since she began the, er, profession? in 1991.



Eve was 17 years old in Philadelphia working as a stripper when one night, Mase walked in the club and discovered her. Talk about a fairy tale ending.

Javier Bardem


Supposedly it was for only one night – but damn am I sorry I missed it. Apparently his mother was in the audience, though. That’s weird.

NeNe Leakes


Her stage name was Silk which to me, is hands down the best stripper name I’ve ever heard. She was a struggling single mom, rent was due, dead beat baby daddy. She did what she had to do.

Brad Pitt


I’ve researched and it’s true. He danced nude in college with a group named the Dancing Bares. They performed at birthday parties.

Moral of the story? Whether it’s a nose job, facing eviction or cash money… stripping is always an option. Idk how “moral” that is, actually. I mean I’m not like, a prude and I surely believe anyone (especially women) can do whatever the hell they want without judgment from anyone else (especially other women). But like, yuck.

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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