Currently Crushing: Mila Kunis

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I really like Mila Kunis. She’s been making her media rounds as of late, promoting her new movie and I’m like, happy about it. She spoke out recently about the bullying she has personally received over breast feeding her baby in public and how absolutely redic it is. Are people for real about being uncomfortable with that? Or do they just stare because it’s a celeb boob? Let’s be honest, a boob is a boob even if it makes seven figures a film. Continue reading

I’m No Genius – But This Is Definitely Plagiarism, Melania Trump.

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Let’s not get into any sticky political talk. Let me just lay out the facts for you to decide.

  1. Last night Melania Trump delivered a much anticipated speech at the Republican National Convention.
  2. NBC’s Matt Lauer interviewed Melania earlier in the day and asked her how she prepared. Melania responded with, “I read once over it, that’s all, because I wrote it … with (as) little help as possible.”
  3. Melania, whether realizing it or not, absolutely lifted word for word segments of Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.

The evidence:

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The ESPY’S Made Me Cry Like A Baby. Twice.

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Typically the day after an award show airs I’ll write some post about who looked hot, who did not, Taylor Swift awk dancing and any other insignificant moment that in the grand scheme of things today, don’t really matter. I mean, I’ll never stop loving and writing about these moments. Obvi. But today, the morning after the ESPY Awards aired, I can’t quite shake two particular moments during the show. Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Always Address Gossip- But When She Does – She Prefers To Slay.

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You guys gotta take a quick break and read this article Jen wrote on Huffington Post. It’s pretty epic. Epic because:

1) Jen never ever addresses any tabloid rumors about herself, her marriage and/or her pregnancy status. 2) She’s doesn’t come across as whiny or poor-me-I’m-a-celeb-who-wants-privacy. 3) Even Jennifer Aniston is aware of the level of bullshit body shaming women deal with – because she deals with it too.

It totally seems like since her split with Brad, tabloids depict Jen as this damsel-in-distress, looking for love and happiness and longing for a baby. I think it’s refreshing that she finally chose to address it.


Click Here To Read Jen’s Huffington Post Article: For The Record