Transformation Tuesday: Ariel Winter

Hi Friends!

I’ll be honest, I’m seriously crushing on Ariel Winter. But since it’s Tuesday and Tuesday’s are for transformations and not crushes, It’s only natural and of course, my duty to provide you with how much Ariel has transformed in her 18 year old life.

Real talk, real quick – I know what it’s like being a teenager and being incredibly uncomfortable with your body. At like 13 years old I had a DD bust. I desperately wanted to fit into bikini tops and strapless prom dresses and cute lacy bras from American Eagle, but I couldn’t. Shopping for any of those three items with my mother would always result in one of us, sometimes both of us, in tears. At sixteen I went to the doctor in hopes of getting a reduction but my insurance company denied the coverage. Waaaaaahhh meeeee.

Last year Ariel opened up about what it was like being 15 years old and basically waking up with an F cup bust and her decision to undergo reduction surgery. Anyone who watches Modern Family definitely noticed the sudden change in Alex’s chest, even under the strategically worn flannel shirt.

My point is, I’m basically Ariel Winter. jk jk. My real point is, I can appreciate her very real, very human struggle. It was hard enough for me as a normal  teen, I can’t even imag going through that as like, a famous person who walks red carpets.



At only eight years old, sporting pig-tails and folding her arms, Ariel means business.



Looking like any normal bright eyed ten year old. Chuckin’ her deuces up.


Ariel Winter-TYG-002978

Let’s face it, when you’re an awkward pre-teen and you find something that works, you stick with it.


Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

Okay Ariel, find a new pose.




Channeling one of two things: evening gown Barbie or porcelain ice skating princess.



Is it just me, or has someone been practicing their angles in the mirror??




Every girl’s gotta see what it feel like to be blonde.




My only thought when I see this picture: her poor back.



Coachella. Crop top √ Cut offs √ Braid in hair √ Eclectic jewelry √



Ariel finaaaalllyy coloring her hair as only someone with the name Ariel should! And looking so beautiful at her senior prom.

I feel like right now it’s Ariel’s time to shine. She was always kinda in the shadows of her co-star Sarah Hyland’s fame. Move over Haley, it’s your geeky little sister’s turn!

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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