Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Always Address Gossip- But When She Does – She Prefers To Slay.

Hi Friends!

You guys gotta take a quick break and read this article Jen wrote on Huffington Post. It’s pretty epic. Epic because:

1) Jen never ever addresses any tabloid rumors about herself, her marriage and/or her pregnancy status. 2) She’s doesn’t come across as whiny or poor-me-I’m-a-celeb-who-wants-privacy. 3) Even Jennifer Aniston is aware of the level of bullshit body shaming women deal with – because she deals with it too.

It totally seems like since her split with Brad, tabloids depict Jen as this damsel-in-distress, looking for love and happiness and longing for a baby. I think it’s refreshing that she finally chose to address it.


Click Here To Read Jen’s Huffington Post Article: For The Record



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