10 Celebs Who Bared It All – What’s The Big Deal?

Hi Friends!

It was 32 years ago, on July 23rd 1984, that Vanessa Williams resigned as Miss America due to the publishing of unauthorized nude photos by Penthouse Magazine. I’d love to say that today, things have really come a long way. But they have not. It’s funny – not like LOL funny – more like “are you fucking serious?” funny. It seems like some women are praised by society and the media for their bravery in posing nude while others are slut shamed and labeled whores.

What’s the deal with that? Women have been posing nude since like, forever. Just google basically any Renaissance painting and all you see are bare nips. Why are some given what seems like a free pass while others, such as Vanessa Williams, are publicly shamed?

For the record, this post is not to label any of the following women (or man). My stance lies firmly on the theory that everyone is responsible for their own body and should have the freedom to make their own choices when it comes to what they do with it. That said, When someone who has made a career (and a shit ton of money) out of flaunting what they got – they should know that there are plenty of peeps like me who are gonna post things about them on the world wide web and plenty of peeps who do not share the same sentiments as yours truly.

The following is a list of 10 celebs, past and present, who have bared it all. Some in the name of art, some in the name of health and some in the name of not giving a fuck. Either way…it’s their body, they can do what they want!


Marilyn Monroe – 1962


Known for her bod, the photo session turned out to be her last – the star passed away just weeks later.

 Vanessa Williams – 1983


 The amount of damage these photos caused on Williams career was cray. She was the very first African American Miss America.

 Demi Moore – 1991


At seven months pregnant – this caused quite the controversy.

 Britney Spears – 2006


I only remember being excited about this – I don’t recall everyone else’s reaction.

Jennifer Aniston – 2008


Ya she’s like America’s Sweetheart, so does that mean she gets a “free pass”?

Adam Levine – 2011


Sure, this photo was part of a cancer awareness campaign, but it’s awfully racy.

Venus Williams – 2014


Her body is definitely one to bow down to.

Sharon Stone – 2015


Is it because Sharon is of the older variety that the media praised her for how amazing she looks? Doesn’t that open up a completely different can of worms?

Amy Schumer – 2016

Is it because Amy has what Hollywood deems a “real body” that she too was praised for her bravery?

Kim K – 2016


Posted to social media, Kim received an insane amount of backlash for this pic. It even sparked a brief Twitter war between her and Bette Midler (?). Why, though? Just because she’s Kim Kardashian? Because she tends to bare it all so often? Shouldn’t we then be less phased by it? I obvs have a lot of questions with this one. Will someone please answer?

I thought that by the time I finished writing this blog I would have worked it all out in my head. Ya know, made sense of it all. No dice. A body is a body, I guess it just depends on what the person wants to do with that body and then how everyone else reacts to that body. All I that I do know is that Kimmy will never stop showing off her body – rightfully so. (Love you).

Until Next Time!

xo Lauren

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